Krohn in Kommand

At the beginning of this 2001 season, many wondered if the Sun Devils sophomore quarterback could flourish in head coach Dirk Koetter's offense. With 11 TD passes (and one rushing TD) in ASU's first three games, Jeff Krohn has answered that question in a resounding manner. We talked with the Sun Devils' signal caller on his season to date, and his outlook for the rest of the year.

Devils Digest: Jeff, you've been looking great so far in Dirk Koetter's system, even though this is your first year playing in it. What in your mind is different between his system and coach Snyder's system last year, that is contributing to your improved this season?

Jeff Krohn: Koetter does a great job teaching us the game, and putting us in a position to make big plays on offense and score lots of points. But also having a year experience does help out a lot. You know what to expect in different situations, and there's less to learn than in your freshmen year. You're suppose to get better each year you play Football, so I'm happy that I'm doing well my second year.

DD: Against San Jose State, the offense did a good job in the running game. How important is it to have a balanced attack?

JK: Anytime you can run the ball, it opens up the passing game. Going into the San Jose game we wanted to establish the run and we did in a big way. If we keep on running the ball effectively, it will make my life easier and we score more points.

DD: Wide Receiver Ryan Dennard is hardly your favorite target compared to O'neal or Lightfoot, but you kept on going to him in the red zone. What's your take on Ryan's play last week?

JK: We talked before the game about players stepping up to the plate, and he did in a big way. Lok at him now, he's leading the team in scoring (smile). We have to have guys do that every week in order for us to be successful. The more new weapons we have, the harder is will be for teams to defend us.

DD: What are your thoughts for the upcoming game against Louisiana Lafayette?

JK: They are a very good pass defense team, and they ranked fourth in the nation in that category. So we will have our hands full against Louisiana Lafayette. We have to continue and roll with the passing game this week. We have to be on top of our game to win this one.

DD: Your only loss so far as been to Stanford, which was a tough game sandwiched between two very easy games. What effects do these peaks and valleys have on the team this early in the season?

JK: It's tough to go through these ups and downs, especially when you only played just three games. But at the same time it does build character, because you'll be ready to deal with things down the road. So I think it's good that we've been through tough situation this early.

DD: I know you're not looking past Louisiana Lafayette, but Pac-10 play starts next week. What are your thoughts on getting back into conference play?

JK: Pac-10 is tough conference. We knew that before we played Stanford. Anything can happen in these games. It's gonna be close race. We need this game against Louisiana Lafayette to polish things off and get ready for conference play. It's be a tough run through the Pac-10 this year, and we have to be ready for it.

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