Post-Game Quotes

Quarterback Andrew Walter and his teammates discuss the loss to Cal.

The ASU signal caller did admit that his ailing ankle was sore through out the game. "I couldn't move. Every time I took a step it hurt." He did however state that he did feel better than earlier in the week during practices, but game time conditions are naturally quite different. "Once you have to move more than you did all week," he said. "And you get hit a little bit – it makes it hurt that much more. But I can suck it up, and not put any blame on my ankle. I got shots before the game, and it was taped up." Walter added that he believed that the roughing the passer penalty called on Cal was because the Bears' defender went for his ankle. "I don't think he would have done that otherwise."

The game certainly started in the Devils' favor. The defense forced the visitors to go three and out, and on the ensuing possession the home team marched deep down the field. Nevertheless, a Walter interception in the end zone ended all that abruptly. "I never think an early turnover like that (would affect the game)," exclaimed the quarterback. " There's plenty time left to make plays and do damage. But turnovers killed our drives. They started stepping up and we did not counter their intensity. We got our asses kicked because of that."

Early in the game, it was clear that this contest was going to be a shootout, where the ASU offense had to match Cal blow for blow. Was this surprising to Walter and his teammates? "We didn't anticipate that. You never hope that's the situation. We didn't take advantage of our opportunities on offense, and that's how the game went." Aside from not capitalizing on the chances given to them, Walter cannot comprehend why the team looked flat during the game. "I wish I had an answer. If I did I would share it with everybody. I really don't have a good answer.

When asked how he assessed the rest of the season, he simply said: "It's a three game season. That's all it is. We have nothing else to play for. Seniors - that's all they have, and that's all there is. We have to make a statement and finish strong."

Receiver Skyler Fulton was practically speechless following the game. "This hurts," he stated. "I really don't know what else to say. You work hard, and to come out and play like that it's embarrassing. You have to give some credit to Cal – they did some good things. But we just have to quit beating ourselves and play harder."

Fulton thought the opening minutes of the game, indicated that the outcome would be much different then it ended up being. "In the beginning of the game it seemed like we were hot," Fulton claimed. "But their offense just kept on making plays. In the first drive we had a turnover, and right before the half we had another turnover. That's basically the difference in the half – momentum. We never were able to get momentum on our side."

"We have three games left," the wide receiver continued. "They are all games we can win. We have to take care of ourselves and play hard. If everyone on the team feels like I do right now, that's enough right there to practice harder than you have."

Running back Loren Wade notched his third straight 100-yard plus game. As expected, this was hardly a conciliation in such a tough loss. "That's great that I was able to help my team with the rushing," he said. "But if we don't win I don't feel good. Little mistakes at the end, is what's costing us. We couldn't execute in the end …we have to give Cal credit. They wanted it more than us. We have to roll with the punches, and try to fight it out."

"This hurts," he continued. "It's our homecoming, and we get booed by our fans at halftime…we have to win out. We have to get back to practice as a group, and bounce back from this loss."

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