Post-Game Quotes

Coach Dirk Koetter and his players were pleased with the win, but know that improvements have to take place when they face USC.

Coach Dirk Koetter

"These games (out of conference ones) are not easy to play. The team we played tonight has skill, has talent, and can make you look bad. Although we were sluggish at times, we did what we had to do. We are glad to put this win behind us. For the second week in a row we played well, we played every guy we can possibly play, so we're happy that we're giving guys much needed experience. We're looking forward to getting back into Pac-10 play…(on Jeff Krohn) Jeff made some great throws tonight. Like I said before, he was sluggish at times, but he was on the money on a lot of his throws – especially the deep ones. Tonight was Shaun McDonald night. It wasn't necessarily by design. Jeff took what the defense gave him. He threw deep very well, and that's what we like to do…(on scoring 180 or so points in four games) It's great to score points, but I will always be hardest on the offense. They're things we can do better. We're a rhythm offense, and we were out of rhythm at times tonight. As long as we make the big plays like tonight, we'll always be in games. The frustrating part is that when we get ahead by a lot of points, we're not able to grind it out. Every defense seems to put 9 players in the box, and there are not many successful running plays for that. They want us to throw, so we'll throw…(on converting 9 of 14 possessions for scores) That's a great percentage. But I'd like it to be 14 of 14….(on playing other quarterbacks when ASU has an instrumental lead). Yes, we would have liked to play other quarterbacks more in the game. It's a catc-22. When it's time to sub, there's still a lot of time left in the game, and we're facing a potentially explosive team. We're not at a stage yet where we can totally turn over the game to our subs…(on the running game) Flowers tweaked his hamstring, so we kept him out as a percussion. Pace and Williams ran hard. Our offensive line did a great job, and we got the counter game going for us. We had some misdirection plays that worked well too…I'm happy that our defense was disappointed in their play. But our first unit game up only two touchdowns. If they continue to do that we'll be in a lot of games…(on injuries) Lightfoot has a sprained ankle, so we're taking the necessary percussions there. Taplin and Fields have the same injury. Masaniai tore his ACL and is probably out for the year…We wanted to start a tradition of being undefeated in non-conference game and home games. We're off to a good start, and we're looking forward to Pac-10 play. This conference is loaded. We have some real tough games ahead. We're looking forward to stepping up to the competition."

Quarterback Jeff Krohn

"We thought their defense was pretty good. They were ranked fourth in the country, and we know we had to come after them for us to be successful. I think we did a good job doing that…The defense gave us an opportunity to score quickly on short drives. It wasn't by design. They did a good job covering the under routes, so we went for the long ones. We also benefited from excellent field position all night…(on Shaun McDonald's four touchdowns) Shaun was the main guy on the touchdown plays. With his speed we posted him man to man a lot, and it worked. Different guys are gonna step up for us each night. Last week it was Dennard and this week it was Shaun. We need different players to step up for us to be successful. It does make our job easier when different guys step up for us…(on the USC game) We know that USC will be a very different game. It's Pac-10 play, and that's a whole new story. We do take confidence from this game, but we all know we have to play better against USC to win… We'll enjoy this win for a short time, and get ready for USC. We saw them on TV today, so we know how good they are. They're an angry team and they will come after us. The offensive line did a great job protecting me. The one time I did get hit was on a screen, where the guys were letting go…It's fun playing there with this style of offense. Our pass sets up the run, which is different than before. We're playing with a lot of confidence. I wish I could do some things better. But right now things are going well for us and we have to continue and roll."

Wide Receiver Shaun McDonald

"This week it was me catching all the touchdowns. Last week it was Ryan, and who knows who it will be next week. We have a lot of weapons. Anybody can blow up in any game…The coaches did a good job scheming so I was open on all my touchdowns. That's the biggest difference from last year – the schemes play to our strengths and put us in a position to make plays…We knew they were a good pass defense, but we have confidence in our great receiving core. We go into every game thinking that we can execute and no one can stop us…We did gain al lot of confidence after the Stanford loss, but we feel that now the real season starts with nothing but Pac-10 games. It's like all the other games until now don't count…"

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