Crawford in No Hurry to End Sun Devil Career

When a team experiences a disappointing season, the last game of the year cannot come soon enough for some fans and players. However, for seniors, such as offensive lineman Regis Crawford, there is sense of genuine disappointment that the 2003 campaign is about to conclude next week. Crawford told DevilsDigest that his playing days in the maroon and gold will be cherished forever.

"I'm looking forward to the next game," says the team's right guard. "Another game with these guys will be really cool. I'm not trying to speed up me getting out of here. I'm gonna try to enjoy what's left as much as I can, because after this it's the real world (smile)."

As it is, the season will end playing rival Arizona. For Crawford, there's no better way to end the campaign. "All the UA games are very special, because it's the last game of the season," he said. "It's like a bowl game without going to a bowl game. It's a very emotional and intense game just like you saw two years ago." Even though he hails from San Diego, he said he can relate to this game in the same manner as fellow lineman and native Arizonian Tony Aguilar. "Everybody in the Sun Devil family feels the rivalry of the UA game. Five years in the sun here makes you a native real quick (smile)."

He stated that he's confident that the team can successfully bounce back from a loss, like it has been all year, and adequately prepare for the 2003 finale. "The team, just like I do, shrug off the loss and get ready for the next game. We're not gonna lay down for anybody. We're gonna get ready for this game and get this thing going."

In a season full of negatives, one of the lone bright spots for the Sun Devils is the collective play of the offensive line. Crawford said that the dramatic turnaround from 2002 makes perfect sense to him. "It comes from experience," he exclaimed. "We didn't lose any guys from last year, so anytime you have players playing together one more season you're that much better. We have some guys that have grown up during the season, we know what to expect from each other and we're smarter."

Crawford started ten games in 2001 at right guard. Out of necessity he started all 14 games in the 2002 season at left tackle. This year, he has returned to right guard and has started there thru 11 games. The senior claimed he had mixed feelings about the shifting in positions. ""I like left tackle," Crawford said. "It wasn't a position for my size, but it was a fun position. But I'm happier with right guard. I'm more suited for that with my height and size."

In the waning moments of this season, we asked Crawford to reflect on his experiences during his Sun Devil career. "The best memories I have," said the offensive lineman. "Are all off the field hanging out with the Hogs – doing the hog feed, celebrating each other's birthdays. Best on field memories were winning at Oregon and San Diego State, and going home for San Diego for the Holiday Bowl."

Spoken like the consummate team player, Regis Crawford doesn't want individual fanfare to be the focal point when fans recall his years in Tempe. "I don't want really to remembered individually," he said. "I'm part of the hogs and that's what I want people to remember me by. When they say my name, I want them to mention all the hogs around me. If they do remember me individually, I want them to remember me as a hard worker and a team guy."

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