Koetter's Press Conf. Notes

"When Does The Fun Start?" asked the ASU coach at one point during his confrence. While that question was asked jokingly, it couldn't hide the subdued mood that the ASU head coach was in today. In this press confrence, Koetter recapped the USC game and previewed the Oregon State game.

Scout team players of the week were Canidate on offense, Bowers (a walk-on LB) on defense, and Hill on special teams. Koetter said that he doesn't give game balls after losses. However, he did recognize the play of Suggs on defense. Other bright spots in his opinion were R.J. Oliver, Baker, Wallin, Shivers, and Stewart. On offense it was Peters, McDonald, Muldrow, Karney, and the entire RB core. Levi Jones was named captain for the OSU game.

"There's no way to sugarcoat this game," said the head coach "We got outcoached and out played. No one feels worse than the players and coaches. We made too many mistakes." He did emphasize that "we can't pout. There's no calvary to help us. Only we can save ourselves. We have to fight through it, keep working hard, and play hard for 4 quarters."

Previewing the upcoming game, Koetter said: "Oregon State has played very well as of late. They hung in tough with Wash. St. and dominated Arizona. Folks don't realize how many players they lost last year. But we need to worry about us, and take care of business against them." On the Beavers star running back Ken Simonton he said: "I voted for him for 1st team All American last year. He's still one of the best in the country. He started slow, and part of it is having a lot of new guys on the offensive line."

Koetter was asked about particular players in specific. Here are his responses:

Paul Glass – "He played about 30 snaps. At times he was effective, and at times he wasn't. He played as well as you can ask him after his layoff. He's listed as our third tackle in the depth chart."

Linebackers – "They're not consistent. Unck has a great attitude and leadership, plays well on special teams, but he's not playing well at linebacker. Bates starts well, but wears down as he game goes on. Amobi has improved the most out of all the linebackers. To this unit's credit, USC didn't run the ball well until the fourth quarter."

Jeff Krohn – "The injury is much better than we thought. When he went down we thought he would be out for a series, but with all the treatments he got, he wasn't able to push off his toes. His MRI was negative, and yesterday he was walking without crutches with a slight limp. He could practice tomorrow. Whether he practices or not, will determine the amount of snaps we'll give to the backups, as well as our game plan."

Matt Cooper – "Let me start by saying that Cooper doesn't have an attitude problem. He's excellent in practice, but against USC he didn't play as well as he can. Based on his practices, I decided to stick to the game plan (with Cooper at QB) and not go conservative. Obviously, that didn't work out well. There are no excuses for our play on offense. Copper was prepared, he just didn't execute."

Travis Scott – "He was ejected for fighting. We didn't see it on the game tape. He won't play the first half of the Oregon State game. His behavior is inexcusable."

Koetter said that he's "Excited to be playing back home (playing two Pac-10 home games back to back). It's obvious that we played much better at home this year, than we did on the road. I know the fans are disappointed, but I hope they will come out this week, and be a factor in the game. I know I have to coach better, and the players know they have to play better."

When asked which unit on the team has to make the biggest improvement from the USC game for this week's game, Koetter said: "The offense has to make the biggest strides. In the first quarter, our defense played very well. They held USC to minimal yardage, and gave the offense excellent field position. We should have scored mush more that first quarter. Scoring only 17 points for the game won't get the job done."

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