Devil's Advocate

Our Devil's Advocate SD de LA had the misfortune of witnessing the USC game first hands. Here are his thoughts from the game.

Los Angeles, CA - I don't believe there is one Krohn hater after Saturday's miserable performance. Saturday was clearly not our day. The game was competitive for the first quarter. However, it did go downhill after the officials didn't give us that early touchdown by McDonald.

I don't know what's worse the final score, the fact that we possibly lost Krohn for the Oregon State game, or USC quarterback Carson Palmer finally believing in himself. As I stated after the SDSU victory - our secondary needs work. Did any of our Linebackers come to play? Solo should now be called So Low; he looks completely lost out there. My boy Suggs needs to learn how to stop the run. As for the Corners, if they're supposed to be these track stars, how do they keep getting burned on every play? I'm sick of this. Maybe we should start looking for a new D coordinator.

I want Walter to get the start next game. Cooper is awful. Krohn is by far a better leader and a much better player. I of all have been a huge Krohn disbeliever. However, what this kid lacks in talent he makes up in heart and leadership skills.

On a positive note, it was nice to see that ASU fans traveled well for the game. A lot of the Sun Devil alumni in the LA area showed up for the game. Sadly enough, no one was left after the start of the 4th Quarter. This was by far a step in the wrong direction. That game made me sick.

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