Post-Game Quotes

Read what coach Koetter and his players had to say about ASU's first Pac-10 victory.

Dirk Koetter: "Delvon was awesome. You have to realize that this was the first time he practiced all week, and right now he's the closet as he's been to being healthy. All of our offense knew that Delvon had a great week of practice and they expected him to have a god game. I though Tom pace did a good job setting up. Mike Williams didn't play much because of sore ribs…We wanted to mix it with the pass and run (even though OSU has had a hard time stopping the run). We had a lot of good play-action plays that just didn't materialize. But we stayed with our running game and kept on pounding n them. When Del hit the crease he was gone and we were missing that until now…Our defense has been very maligned so far. We talked with them a lot this week about playing with emotion. We talked about hanging in together no matter what. You talk about the epitome of frustration – that was when we sack their quarterback; he fumbles the ball, and Simonton picks up the ball and runs for 13 yards. It just seems that this how the season has gone for our defense. What a great job by them tonight. They made the plays when they had to. I thought Bates was huge, as were other players. I thought we played well on special teams. That big punt return by Taplin was a crucial play for us to set up a score…We need this victory. Guys believe that if they hand together good things will happen… When you program has tough times it's easy to roll over. We could have done that tonight, and I'm proud we didn't. I've said all along this is an awesome group of seniors that bought into everything we taught them to do…(on the fake field goal that failed) If you work on it in practice; you have to call it during games. You can't hesitate about running it. If you keep that play in the playbook, how will you know it will work? We try to run the play at the right time. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. You have to be aggressive, and not show your players that you're backing down from a play they run in practice. We thought the play was there on the fake field goal and it wasn't. On the other hand, the touchdown pass by Taplin was probably our best pass all night. When he worked on it in practice, he didn't do well with it…Krohn is maybe a lot tougher than even I thought he was. His numbers weren't as good as they have been so far, but it was a good bounce back game for him. We knew we had to set the tone with the running game tonight, and we did that…(on ASU getting some of that Boise St. karma from their big win over Fresno St.) I don't. A lot of the coaches watched the game, and we couldn't be happier for the coaches and players there…Thank you to the fans tonight. They needed to be loud and they really got into the game tonight. Hopefully they can keep this next week."

Shaun McDonald: "I feel great winning our first Pac-10 game and being undefeated at home. It was a crazy game, but we came through when we needed to. We need a Pac-10 victory to keep this thing moving and play well the rest of the season. I'm happy that I made the plays when my number was called, and everybody else on offense did the same…(on his recovered fumble for a touchdown) It was a weird touchdown for me. When that ball is in the air, I feel that it's mine and I go get it. I was mad at myself for fumbling it, so I jumped on it as fast as I could. I think Jeff Krohn played a great game. We knew coming in that Oregon State had a great pass rush, and they were in his face all night. When he didn't have pressure in his face, he threw great. He got the job done, and that's all you can ask for… Our run did a great job, so it didn't mater that much that the passing game wasn't going that well. We knew our offense can explode at any minute, and our defense was doing a great job. We just knew that we had to be patient and good things will happen. The crowd was great out there and was very loud. I hope we get more people next week so we van get even more support and make it hard on the other team. I'm just going to enjoy this one now, and start working on Washington next week."

Justin Taplin: "We put a lot of emphasis on special teams week after week, and we just made it happen…(on his touchdown pass) We have a special play each week. It was my turn to make a play…It was very important for us to get our first Pac-10 win. We play well at home and we have to ride it the rest of the season."

Terrell Suggs; "We knew it was gonna be a defensive game and as always our offense puts up a lot of points. Coach guy asked us in halftime when we were going to be the defense that everybody said we would be. We started to make a lot of three and out plays, and that's when the offense took over…We just knew we had to play better defense all around, and not just stop Simonton. We knew that to win this game it was going to be a four quarter fight, and the defense had to make a stand…I always felt that the crowd was the 12th man on defense. When they're into it encourages us to make big plays. He crowd was a big momentum builder for us the second half. We owe a lot of our success to the crowd."

Delvon Flowers: "I owe all my yards to the offensive line and fullback Mike Karney. They just put the defense back. I have a lot of friends at Oregon State and they said all week that they were gonna shut me down. Tonight I got the best of them…(on his amazing 75-yard run) The play was suppose to go up the gut. I kinda got held up there, and then I saw the outside open so I ran that way. I didn't learn that move from Barry Sanders (smile) I was just patient and took my time. Something opened up and I just ran for it…(On OSU's struggles this year stopping the run) I watched their game against UCLA and I saw how Deshuan Foster ran against them. The first half they got the best of me, but the second half I just came out stronger…We had a lot of ups and downs this year, and we felt that we just all had to come together tonight. It's not over yet. You saw Oregon losing today, so you know that anybody can lose or win every week. Hopefully we can get it going in the Pac-10…I'm not 100% healthy, but I just go out there and do what I have to do regardless…Richard Williams (ex-Sun Devil WR) always talked about how I lived in the shadow of J.R. Redmond (former ASU RB). I love J.R. to death, but I don't think I'm in his shadow anymore. I have to produce for me and the team. I just have to worry about what I have to do. "

Jeff Krohn: (on the struggling passing game)"Thank god for Del (Delvon Flowers)! Our offensive line along with Mike Karney did a great job. Del made some great runs that I still can't believe. It was fun standing there watching them. We have a good running protection, which will keep the defense fresh and help the team overall each week…We have been climbing a hill trying to get over the hump. We did get over the hump winning our first Pac-10 game. We're undefeated at home, and this win is big for coach Koetter and the team. Now we can start rolling and not worry about this first Pac-10 win…We didn't have the mentality of here we go again when things weren't going well for us. We stuck with it and it paid off in the end. What adjustments did we make on offense? We ran the ball and it worked (smile)"

Kurt Wallin: "We tried all year to play consistently well for four quarters. We played OK in the first half. We did get better in the second half. Yes we made adjustments, but we did just got better as the game went on."

Solomon Bates: "Coaches told us this week that we had the best three days of practice that we had all year. The linebackers take it personally when some one tries to run against us, and when we stopped Simonton that just shifted the whole momentum of the game."

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