Harris Realizes His Importance During ASU Visit

The thin numbers on the Sun Devils' defensive line have been well documented the past few weeks. Pittsburg (CA) High School's defensive lineman Ra'Shon Harris is one player that could fill that dire recruiting need. Harris talked to DevilsDigest about his trip to Tempe.

"It was a very good trip," said the 6-5 280 Harris. "I liked it a lot, and my mom liked it too. ASU has great facilities, great coaches. I got good vibes from all of it." Harris added that he enjoyed his host player, Loren Wade, as well as the camaraderie amongst all the players.

Just like the rest of the recruits on the trip, he enjoyed taking in a Suns game ("The tickets were nose bleed, but we had a good time," he said with a smile.), as well the learning about the academic support that ASU has to offer to its student athletes.

Nevertheless, the excellent experiences on the trip didn't cause Harris to pull the trigger. "It was a real good trip," exclaimed the defensive lineman, "but I want to see what's out there. I'm not knocking down the ASU coaches, but I told everyone that I had a goal to take all my five trips. I'm not gonna make a decision before I take all my visits."

Harris was voted the MVP of Pittsburg High School. One doesn't need even need to look at a recruiting database to find that piece of data, but rather listen to the Harris' answering machine's outgoing message. This was more than enough to humble the usually outgoing and engaging Harris. "My mom put it on there," said the defensive lineman. "I don't like it because I think it's a show off. But I can't go over mama (smile)."

His 151/2 sacks were naturally a big reason for his post-season accolades. Harris credits the mental part of his game for his success. "The strong point of my game is outthinking the opponent, and not just using one move or one technique. My game is strong, but I try to make it stronger everyday."

The schools pursuing Harris are recruiting him both as an offensive and defensive lineman. "ASU is recruiting me a defensive lineman in general," he said. "They know I can play both tackle and end. The coaches talked a lot about the need they have on the defensive line. I know that the defensive line can win games, so that's a position that always needs to be strong." And what about his preference for one position or another? "I want to play on defense, but wherever my teammates need me that's where I'll go."

The Pittsburg standout hasn't received his test scores yet, but carrying a GPA of 3.17 definitely helps his chances of qualifying. "I have been waking up early to attend my SAT prep classes. I work hard on my academics. My mom always got on me to get good grades (smile)."

With all two visits behind him (ASU and WSU on 10/3), and three awaiting in the month of January (Oregon 1/9, Washington 1/19, and Oregon State 1/26) it has obviously been a very busy recruiting season for Harris. While some prospects find the whole process taxing, the Pittsburg standout is more than happy to be a part of it. "Of course I'm having fun (smile)." Exclaimed Harris. "I must be pretty good to get all these schools calling me and offering scholarships. It can be stressful because it is the biggest decision of your life. Any school you go to you're basically gonna get the same free education. But you have to decide what school fits you best."

"I'm having a great time with recruiting," continued Harris. "I wouldn't change that for anything in the world." Surprisingly, he's not looking forward to the NCAA's no-contact periods that coincide with this time of year. "I'm not really going to enjoy having no contact. I like the phone calls and the bonding with the coaches."

Playing time seemed to be at the top of the list of factors that will help Harris settle on the school of his choice. Aside from that, he will use all the resources close to him. "I'll talk to Coach Galley and my mom. I'm gonna try and have my mom go on more recruiting trips with me. But ultimately it will be god's decision."

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