Local Linebacker Visits Arizona State

Adam Vincent admits that he is still on a high following Hamilton's win in the 5A championship game two weeks ago. However, there has been something bogging down his recruiting.

"ASU hasn't offered me a scholarship," said Vincent. "It's because I have a low GPA. They said that they want to see improvement, and as soon as they see it they'll offer me." Vincent added that he plans to retake the SAT test, which he intends to study for vigorously.

Living 20 or so minutes from campus didn't take away from his overall enjoyment of the visit to Tempe. "I kinda know what ASU was like," he said. "And that's why I took the visit. I did get to learn some new things about the school, and got to know the coaches and players better. The academic resources they have for learning are great. They have everything you'll ever need." Vincent was hosted by another local high school product – Brent Miller.

The 6-3 215 linebacker feels that he needs to put on some weight, as well as improve his speed and strength in order to compete at the next level. The Sun Devils marked his first visit, and his schedule the rest of the way is a bit cloudy. "I know I will visit Washington some time in January," claimed Vincent. "I'm still deciding on the other schools, but I know they'll probably be in the Pac-10." One of those next destinations may well be Washington State, as they are the only Pac-10 school to offer him a scholarship.

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