Post-Game Notes

Which new recruits were at the Oregon State game? Who was hobbled after the game, and which player will be back in the lineup next week? Get the inside information on those issues and more, as well as additional post-game quotes from various players.

The "usual suspects" in ASU's prospects paid another visit to Sun Devil stadium. A reported on earlier Randy Hill was there and said that contrary to reports he didn't commit to ASU. He did reaffirm that him and Andre Bailey will commit to the same school, and that ASU is definitely still one of his leaders. Another repeat visitor was Kelly Mitchell. New faces on the sidelines were local recruits Devin Howard, Andy Hall, Chad Hinton, and Kyle Caldwell.

On the injury front, offensive linemen Regis Crawford had to leave the game with a strain foot, and Terrell Suggs was walking out of the dressing room with a pack of ice on hip. No word if they will miss any practice time. Daryl Lightfoot did tell me that he would play this week against Washington. I got to talk to Danny Masaniai who said that he will undergo surgery on Monday to repair his torn ACL which took place a couple of weeks ago. The reason the surgery will only take place this week, was because the swelling had finally subsided. He told me that his medical redshirt from the NCAA is looking real good now, which is great news for a position that will much depleted next season. He was reluctant to talk about his suspension earlier this year, and would only say that it was a locker room incident. Academics have always been an issue with Masaniai, and he admitted that he has to take care of business in that area. He did seem genuinely concerned about that area.

Here are additional post-game player quotes:

Mason Unck: "We had a great week of practice, and we knew we had to come out and play as well as we practiced all week. We heard all the criticism from the outside on how bad this defense is, but we knew that we couldn't worry about that. We had to play well for ourselves, and not just because you want to prove others wrong. Up until now, we were just a few plays away from being a good defense, and tonight we just had a lot of big plays, especially in the second half, to beat Oregon State…Stopping Ken Simonton was because of great preparation during the week, and great adjustments during the game. More than anything it was great position by the defense. We were always surrounding him when he made a run. It was a total team effort to get that accomplished…Solomon Bates was practicing real hard all week. Mentally I know he was there, and I told him it's just a matter of time until everything comes together for him. He made it so easy for me tonight. I'm so proud of him…It's huge that we have three out of our next five games at home. We haven't lost one yet at home, and if we keep it rolling like this at home we'll have a pretty good record to show for it…I hope we can look at this game at the end of the season and say that the turnaround started here. But this is only one game. We have to get ready to play a ranked team like Washington this week, so that's what we have to worry about now."

Mike Karney: "It was great watching Delvon run like this tonight. The O-line and me were just making blocks, but he was the one reading the blocks and running hard. I know he gave props to the O-line, and me but he was the one doing the job out there…We wanted to be physical with them (Oregon State) because we knew they have problems stopping the run. It's hard running well at a team, which is expecting it all game, so I'm real happy that we followed our game plan and it worked for us. It was huge for us to prove that we can run the ball, when things aren't going well in the passing game…I know a lot of folks were down on us, but we know that once we stop beating ourselves, nobody can stop us. We know we have great talent, and if we all stick tight together we can do great things this season. Nothing is going to stop us at home."

Levi Jones: "As an offensive lineman you have to be happy when you see your running back get over 200 yards. We worked hard all the game, and I'm happy it paid off…A lot of people were down on the O-line after the USC game, saying that we can't play well against a Pac-10 D-line. But we shut those folks up. I think that Oregon State's D-line was actually better than USC's. So we're proud of this win…We did have a lot of ups and downs in the game, so this win was very rewarding for me. For me personally, it just seemed that I couldn't get in rhythm in the first half, and my teammates helped me get going in the second half. Coach Koetter always keeps on telling us to stick with it and go with the flow, and it really paid for us…I know everybody is happy now, but this is only the start. We have a long way to go. This is only the beginning."

Emanuel Franklin: "Our theme this week was defend the house. We knew that we had to get over the hump, and we'll be all right. Tonight we did that. We just have to keep it going…I don't know if Oregon State is the best passing team we saw this season. We were ready for everything they tried to do against us. We were confident when we saw them on tape, that we would be able to play with them…We changed a lot of our coverages in the secondary in the second half. I think it worked very well, because it did confuse their quarterback…I'm just trying to play through my groin injury. When you play the adrenalin is pumping and you don't feel it, but after the game is when you feel it's sore (smile). It will be all right. I just have to keep on playing through it…We are at the top of the hump, and the next few games will determine how far we'll go. I think we'll be strong as the season goes on."

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