JC Tackle Says Devils Are High on his List

The need for defensive tackles in ASU's 2004 recruiting class has been well chronicled. Four Star prospect Remi Ayodele may just help the Sun Devils fulfill that requirement, as he lists them and a Big 12 school as his co-leaders.

"ASU is right up there at #1 with Colorado," said the NE Oklahoma A&M standout. "My leaders are pretty much those two. I'm still gonna visit Oklahoma State on 1/16, and Kansas on 1/23."

When asked about what he likes about both of his leaders, he replied: "It's the same stuff with both schools. I like the coaching staff, academic staff. I just felt comfortable with everything."

Ayodele told us that he was pleased with the way the recruiting process with ASU was proceeding. "Things are going pretty good," he remarked. "The coaches call me once a week to see how I'm doing. Coach Guy called me tonight. When he calls we talk about Playing time, stuff about the school. It's the biggest decision of my life so I want to make sure I'm getting all the information."

The defensive tackle said that Guy was going to pay him a visit on Tuesday. "My mom is gonna be there, and I wanted her to meet him. She's a big part in my decision." Ayodele wasn't sure when he was going to make a decision, but he thought he could " Probably make a decision before the Oklahoma State visit.

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