Visit Helps Improve ASU's Standing with Carpenter

The 6-3 185 Westlake (CA) High School signal caller came to Tempe with high expectations, and he told DevilsDigest that he didn't leave disappointed.

"It was a lot of fun," Carpenter remarked on his visit. "I learned a lot about ASU. I got a lot of information and it was a good trip. My expectations were definitely fulfilled. I think after my visit, ASU is standing out a little more than they did before."

The quarterback was hosted by Loren Wade, and he enjoyed the sights that the running back showed him. "The weight room and players' lounger are awesome," said Carpenter. "The locker room and the stadium were real nice. The thing I liked the most about the facilities was the fact that everything is in he one building next to stadium. Locker room, study hall, everything. And the dorm rooms are right across the street. It's a lot easier that way than being spread out."

Carpenter shared what transpired at the end of his trip in his conversation with the ASU head coach. "I like Coach Koetter," he stated. "He's a younger coach and a great guy. A lot of people I talked to said he was a great coach. I got a good vibe from him. He gave me reasons why he wanted me to be a Sun Devil, and I was able to ask him questions about what they would be doing with me if I was the quarterback. He answered all those questions honestly."

There were reports about Carpenter committing to the hometown Bruins, but he denied them in our conversation. "I'm definitely not committed to UCLA," he claimed. "However, I would say that they're my leader. (UCLA's) Coach Dorrell is coming to my house on Monday. I don't think I'll decide to commit to them when he comes to the house. After he visits, I'll take some time to talk to my family about all my options."

Nevertheless, The signal caller did admit that the Sun Devils were a very close second. "ASU is right at the top with UCLA, but UCLA holds a little bit of an edge," he said. "Because in my opinion the quarterback situation is better there. But I never had a bunch of time to sit down with Coach Dorrell, and talk about the whole situation. I think after tomorrow I'll have a better idea." Carpenter added that he did fully cover that issue with ASU, and now wanted to hear what UCLA had to say on the matter.

Carpenter's remaining visits are to UCLA on 1/16, and Arizona 1/23. He did say that he did at one time plan to visit Notre Dame, but now he may end up scratching that trip. The timetable for his decision does remain unclear at this point. "I honestly have no idea when I'll make a decision," he said. "I could make it tomorrow; I could make it on signing day. I obviously want to get it over as soon as possible, but I also want to make sure that I'm making the right decision when I choose a school."

ASU's quarterbacks coach Mark Helfrich will go on Tuesday to visit Carpenter at school, while Coach Koetter is planned to have an in-house visit sometime next week.

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