Lone Star Receiver Commits to ASU

Michael Jones, a 6-3 190 quarterback from Stephen F. Austin high school has committed earlier today to the Sun Devils. He told DevilsDigest why he decided to pull the trigger.

"It came down to Missouri and ASU," he said. "And ASU was a place where I felt I could play early. Missouri had a lot of commitments at quarterback and wide receiver." As a signal caller, Jones passed for 2000 yds, and had 17 TDs and eight interceptions. However he doesn't mind that the Sun Devils are recruiting him at WR - an area of great need. "ASU said that after my first year I can feel free to compete at quarterback," Jones remarked. "If I don't fit in there, I'll go back to receiver."

Jones stated that he doesn't mind which position he plays at the next level. He does feel very confident playing wide receiver. "I bring great hands because I was the quarterback in my school," he claimed. "I know that I can fit in the position, and do the job that receivers do in the college, and maybe even better."

Aside from a better-looking depth chart, Jones pointed out Tempe and its surroundings as a big factor in his decision. "It's something different," he said. "It's a real nice place and I really enjoyed it when I visited there. It seemed like a place I could live for a few years."

Overall, ASU's newest commitment feels very comfortable with his decision, and isn't likely to continue and shop around. "It wasn't a real hard decision," Jones remarked. "It just felt right. I think I'm gonna stick with it. Right now, I'm very excited about my decision."

Jones is qualified with a 2.8 GPA and a 1080 on his SAT.

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