Post-Game Quotes

A somber coach Dirk Koetter and his players addressed questions after the 33-31 loss to Washington.

Coach Koetter: "In the first half we just beat ourselves a lot, especially on offense. We had turnovers, a missed field goal. When Al Williams had the big interception we didn't score any points of that play. So there's a lot of missed points on our part. They didn't beat us; we beat ourselves…We were hoping this game would come down to the last drive. We need that. We know that Washington is known for winning games in the fourth quarter. We admire that about their program. We wanted this to be our night when it came down to the last play. We like to be that (Washington) one day…I'm proud of how our guys played tonight. They gave great effort. They believed that they could win until the last second. Even though there are no moral victories, we can be proud of how hard we played…If you look at their secondary and the games they played, nobody beats those two corners. I wasn't sure we could beat them going into this game, and that's why I hoped we would run the ball better than we did. There was a point at the game, where we had to throw the ball more than we run it, and at times it was working. I thought Jeff threw some great balls, and Shaun is as good as a playmaker as there is in this league. We had plenty of opportunities to make plays, like the two two-point conversations we missed. We made too many mistakes, but we also did some good things as well…"

Jeff Krohn: " We did come back strong in the second half, but we didn't make enough plays in the first. For the second week in arrow we start out slow, and this time the other team got us…We need to be where they (Washington) are as far as pulling games out in the fourth quarter, and making those big plays on the last drive. I think we're on the way there, but we have a ways to go…They do have a very good secondary. We made good adjustments at half time, but we still didn't get the ball in the endzone like we should have. They played a lot of zone, but we ran some good routes and were able to make some plays…I feel bad for the defense. That last drive really hurt their moral. They should keep their heads up, because they did a great job for us in the second half."

Tom Pace: "I did get to play more in the second half than Delvon, just because the plays were designed for me. We also ran some plays that we usually don't run. I think Delvon and me were just in and out all the time…(on the supposedly weak Washington run defense) They made some adjustments to our running game, and did more slanting. They played us real well and they're well coached."

Mason Unck: "In the first half, we knew what they were doing, but we just weren't able to stop them. I was over pursuing a lot. We just need to be much more consistent…They made a lot of adjustments to neutralize Terell Suggs. They had a lot of three-step plays, which made it hard for our front six to put pressure on the quarterback…We did do good things in the second half and took them off of their feet a little. They were checking a lot on the line. We just needed to make more plays in the second half…(on the last drive in the game) Bottom line, if we stop them on third down it's a brand new ballgame. We just need to make plays…both of their backs are great. We've seen them in past games. We knew that we would play both backs a lot, and it all would depend who they felt could make plays against us…Even though they weren't ranked that high running the ball, we knew they wanted to run. I think we anticipated more option than they gave us, but they ran well."

Al Williams: "After last week we felt like we could come back in the second half. We should have won this game. It didn't matter what kind of record they have winning game sin the fourth quarter, we didn't execute in the end."

Jason Shivers: " I think they're the best receivers we've seen this year. They ran very good routes. We had better coverage in the second half, but they still made plays."

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