Russum Narrows Down His Favorites to Two

The 6-4 268 offensive lineman from Lewiston, ID visited Tempe this past weekend. He told DevilsDigest that the Sun Devils are now neck in neck with another Pac-10 school for his services.

"It was exciting," Russum remarked on his ASU visit. "The students weren't quite back to school, but they were filtering in. I came down on Thursday, so I didn't get to see the other guys that visited until Friday. My host player was Stephen Berg, and I had a good time with him. He's the roommate of some other offensive linemen, so I got to meet them too."

"I liked the facilities," continued Russum, "such as the stadium, weight room, student lounge. I looked at some film with Coach Osborne, so I got to see how they run things. The guys showed me the town. It was fun."

The Lewiston High School standout visited Oregon last weekend. He stated that both visits may have helped him establish those two programs as his favorites, but also did very little to help him settle on one of them as his ultimate destination. "ASU and Oregon are the two schools I'm considering," he said. "And they're pretty much equal. Weight room, buisness school…everything is equal. That's what making this decision so hard (smile). I had Cal and Washington on my visit list, but I'm not gonna visit them. I'm gonna take a few days to decide between Oregon and ASU."

How does Russum expect to arrive at a decision? "I'm gonna make a chart of positives and negatives between both schools," he said. "And see who has more (positives). Like I said, in the overall picture they are pretty much the same. But when I look at playing time – ASU has 10 linemen, Oregon has over 15. So I have an advantage at ASU to play sooner."

"ASU puts a lot of offensive linemen in the NFL;" he continued. "Oregon hasn't put that many in the last few years. It's hot in Arizona, and it rains in Oregon. So, all that stuff adds up." On the distance factor he commented: "Oregon is a ten hour drive, and ASU is a two and half hour flight. You can look at that however you want. I'm not too worried about the distance."

The lineman said that Coach Koetter was expected to make an in-home visit later this week. Russum is fully qualified academically.

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