Zach Miller's Press Conference Quotes

On Wednesday morning, the Desert Vista (Phoenix, AZ) tight end allowed the entire Sun Devil nation to exhale and rejoice as he announced that he would commit to the hometown Devils. The following are excerpts from his press conference.

"The recruiting process has been difficult and it's a real tough decision," said the 6-5 240 Miller. "Last weekend was actually the first weekend I've been in town since before Thanksgiving. I've thought long and hard about it. I've made the decision to attend Arizona State University."

Miller, nationally ranked by as #1 in his position, pointed out the enormous effort that the Sun Devils put forward in recruiting him. "ASU recruited me probably the hardest of any of the schools," remarked Miller. "They had the most in-house visits. They'd come to see me at the school. They all recruited me hard, but ASU definitely didn't hold anything back."

The Five-Star recruit recalled his conversation with the Sun Devil coaches, as he broke the news to them yesterday. "I called Coach Koetter and Coach Osborne last night," he said. "Coach Koetter's in L.A. recruiting right now and he said he about crashed (his car) when I told him … Coach Osborne was fired up. He talked to me for about half an hour last night about how fired up he was."

During his press conference, ASU's newest verbal commitment made a point to compliment his other suitors. It seemed like those schools didn't quietly accept Miller's decision. "They were disappointed," he said. "Some tried to give me a last pitch and said that if I changed my mind before signing that I should call them back."

It's no secret that Zach Miller was concerned that a commitment to the Sun Devils would mean competition with current tight end and brother Brent. However, Zach does believe that the two won't share the same depth chart. Brother Brent said that he didn't actively try and convince his brother to join the maroon and gold. "I didn't try to recruit him at all," said Brent. "I wanted him to make his own decision. I told him what goes on there. I gave him inside information. I didn't try to make his decision for him."

It's believed that some family pressure, as well as an opportunity to play in front of friends and family, were huge factors in Miller's decision. The tight end's other suitors may have tried to downplay that aspect, while accentuating the fact that ASU is coming off a 5-7 season. If that were true, these efforts would appear futile. "They (ASU) didn't have the season that they wanted to," he said, "but I still think the program is heading up. They had a real young team that should be good in the future." And Miller's commitment can definitely help that prediction come true.

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