CB Eliminates One Pac-10 School, Favors Two Others

The 6-1 185 cornerback talked to DevilsDigest following his official trip to ASU. Payton reported on his visit, updated his list of favorites, as well as indicated the time frame for his decision.

"It was great," Payton said of his trip to Tempe. "There wasn't one thing I didn't like about it. I felt comfortable with the people. The players are real down to earth. They don't treat you like a visitor, but like someone who has been there a long time. My host was Tyrice Thompson and he's a great guy."

"Most of the time I just hung out with the players in their apartments," continued Payton. "We went to a basketball game, which was very nice. I even saw some people there that I knew from my high school."

One important aspect of his visit was meeting with the Sun Devils' academic staff. Payton is still in academic limbo with UCLA due to this issue, but it appears that this won't be the case if he decided to attend ASU. "(ASU's) Jean Boyd and the academic advisors are just great people," said the cornerback. "They were very forward, and told you like it is. I liked that a lot." He confirmed that with his current test score and GPA he would meet ASU's admissions requirements.

Payton, who was once a UCLA commit, told ASU that he's very disgusted with the Bruins. The reason for his discontent is one that has been rarely talked about until now. "I know they're doing what they can do (to admit)," he said. "But I'm probably not gonna get in. But my problem with them isn't really admissions. During the whole recruiting process, they told me that I was the only corner they were recruiting. As time went on, I found out that corners were committing to them, which means that they must have gotten an offer. So they were lying to me the whole time. I'm just not feeling them…"

With UCLA apparently out of the picture, the race for Payton's services now becomes a two-school contest. "I'm gonna decide between ASU and Oregon State," he said. "I'm going to Oregon State this weekend, and see what's going up there."

Payton's recruiting story has been quite dramatic thus far, and the timing for his announcement stays true to that theme. "I'm making my decision on signing day," he exclaimed. "People are gonna bug me before that, and I'm just gonna tell them ‘leave me alone' (smile)." One person, who will probably not heed those wishes, is brother Jeremy who already committed to ASU. "My brother is in my ear all the time about coming to ASU…"

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