OL Allen Smith Commits to Stanford

The Corona Del Sol (Tempe, AZ) offensive lineman <A HREF=[PlayerNode:657094]>Allen Smith</A>, chose to commit to <A HREF=http://stanford.TheInsiders.com>Stanford</A> over <A HREF=http://arizonastate.TheInsiders.com>Arizona State</A>, <A HREF=http://notredame.TheInsiders.com>Notre Dame</A>, and <A HREF=http://ucla.TheInsiders.com>UCLA</A>.

"Stanford, just because of its academic reputation, is a school I looked up to since I was 4 years old," said the 6-5 310 Smith. "When I went on my trip, those individuals were some of the most interesting and diverse people I ever met. The attitude and championship feeling you felt when you walk into their weight room is honestly something I didn't expect from Stanford."

"Some might believe that this choice is made from an academic perspective," continued Smith. "While that was heavily weighing on my mind, I didn't choose to attend Stanford University purely on the academics. I chose to attend Stanford because I truly believe that it's where my multi-facet personality can really thrive. I know the (Stanford) coaching staff would definitely be able to put my skills in the next level. I plan to be in 4-5 years in the NFL, and I plan to play on a national championship team. While that might sound ridiculous to some people, I know Stanford will win. There's no doubt in my mind."

The Tempe lineman said that he consulted a wide array of coaches from high schools coaches to NFL coaches and retired coaches.

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