Sorenson Joins Carpenter, Commits to ASU

Recently, Arizona State received an oral commitment from one of the West Coast's top quarterback prospects, Rudy Carpenter. Now, 6-4, 310-pound offensive tackle Ryan Sorensen, a teammate of Carpenter's at Westlake Village (CA) high school, has also resolved to play football for the University.

It seems as though Ryan Sorensen has always made himself available to protect the backside of Rudy Carpenter.


The two players grew up together in Southern California and played with and against each other dating back to their early childhood years.

"These guys have dreamed about (playing together in college) since they were kids," according to Sorensen's father Jeff. "Both these kids were all-league and all-county caliber players as sophomores and juniors at Newbury (Park) but didn't get the recognition they deserved there."

"I can remember them playing pee-wee football together before they went on to Newbury Park," said Rudy Carpenter's father Scott. "Then Rudy transferred to Westlake and Ryan followed right behind him by like a week."

Remarkably, almost the exact same amount of time went by between Rudy Carpenter's oral commitment to Arizona State and Sorensen's decision to follow suit.

"I liked it a lot," Sorensen told DevilsDigest on the evening of January 31 about his official visit to Tempe. "I mean, the academic program was really good, it seemed like they had a lot of support [for the players], and the athletic program and the coaches were great and they have a good recruiting class coming in."

Sorensen is understandably elated at the possibility of being able to continue his playing relationship with the quarterback he has spent so much time protecting, and grown close to.

"It's going to be awesome," Sorensen remarked. "Me and [Rudy] have been talking about it, I don't know, ever since we were kids, and it's going to be great. Going there and you (already) know somebody, and it's a big change. It takes a lot of pressure off of you to know somebody else there."

Sorensen said that he orally received an official scholarship offer from Arizona State "on [his] visit" and that he's perplexed by reports that he had, in fact, not been offered a full ride to the University.

"Yeah, I mean, a lot of people actually, like, asked that question and I do (have a scholarship offer from Arizona State). I wouldn't go to ASU if I didn't have a full ride scholarship."

The scholarship opportunity at Arizona State is still conditional, however, according to Jeff Sorensen, on his son's ability to qualify.

"It's contingent on him qualifying, and I assured the coaches because I was there [that] weekend with Ryan (in Tempe), that based on everything I could tell from his counselors at Westlake and his current [ACT score] that it shouldn't be a problem," the elder Sorensen said. "But because he was transfer kid, there's not everything showing up on the transcripts they want to see so they're not totally convinced about it yet."

"[The National Letter of Intent] may not be signed this week, I don't know," he continued. "The Arizona State coach, you know, coach Koetter told us to go to the signing thing and show up because he said [Ryan's] on the team, there's no question he's going to be on the team, but they just want to make sure that he's going to be qualified to do it."

According to the Jeff Sorensen, Arizona State has verbally promised to enter into a scholarship agreement with Ryan once it is confirmed that he will indeed qualify. This may not happen, until the end of the high school year in June.

"[The conditional scholarship is] what I understand (it to be), so, and nothing's in writing, it's all talking orally here and I assume they do what they say they're going to do. And [Arizona State's] where he's going (to go to school), he's turned down every other [opportunity]."

Sorensen's coach at Westlake, Jim Benkert said that Arizona State would be getting a player capable of making an enormous impact in the future at the Pac-10 level.

"He's one of the top offensive linemen in the state," Benkert said in a January 30 interview with DevilsDigest. [He is a] great player. He's a kid with great feet, size, probably an equally good pass blocker as he is a run blocker, and when you get 6-5 and 310 pounds going in one direction it's quite a load. It's quite a thing to get a kid that big but still athletic enough to protect and edge against some of the best defensive linemen in the state. He played in the California-Florida Bowl. He's just a tremendous athlete.

A wide range of schools across the region apparently recruited Sorensen, only to shy away, either after initial inquiries or later in the process.

"He's [someone with special academic needs] so he looked at schools that can accommodate that and even then, as he got down in the recruiting process some schools [backed off]," Benkert said. "Arizona State was a school that was going to be able to work with that and it was a good fit. We probably won't know for sure until June, but if he qualifies, he will go to Arizona State."

Sorensen meanwhile is extremely confident that he will do just that. While he knows that he does still need to finish strong in his finals months of high school, Sorensen is resolute.

"Yeah (I am). I'm going to be a full qualifier," he said.

And while Sorensen may not immediately sign a National Letter of Intent, he is convinced, as is his father that he will be in Tempe this fall on scholarship, along with his good friend Rudy Carpenter.

"We're going to do it together," Ryan said.

Just like everything else.

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