Tempe By Way of Belize?

Englebert Cherrington, a 6'7", 235 lb power forward at Midland College in Midland, Texas, has been on the Sun Devils' radar as of late. DevilsDigest.com spoke with him and his coach about his game, and ASU's recruiting efforts.

Cherrington is 21 years old and grew up in Belize City, Belize. So how do junior college coaches in Midland, Texas notice a player from Belize City?

"I played in a 19 and under tournament in the Bahamas. My team played against other teams from the Caribbean and Central America," Englebert explained. "One of the assistant coaches at Midland watched me play, then told the head coach about me."

Cherrington is a versatile athlete who is strong enough to bang in the post but also athletic enough to guard more athletic PFs. This season, he is averaging 12.5 points and 11.0 rebounds per contest. As those numbers suggest, Cherrington can be a monster on the glass.

"Rebounding is what he does best," says his coach, Shanon Hays. "He has only been playing organized basketball for five years, so there is a lot of upside for him." The coach further mentions that Englebert is a very strong kid and a pretty good scorer, but that his knack for putting the ball in the hole will increase as he gets more experience.

"He can shoot the ball on the perimeter," offers Hays. "However, he's such and inside presence we didn't allow him to do that much." He did mention, though, that Englebert played in the high post some and was a good passer and shooting threat from that position.

Cherrington adds that, "my face up game is one of my strengths. I can face up on my man and penetrate." He added that, "Basketball is the same everywhere, but coming to this country to play has really helped me learn to play hard all the time and to be more dominant on the court."

Obviously, with only five years of organized basketball behind him, Cherrington has some areas of his game to work on, too. The coach and player included general fundamentals, free throw shooting, and outside shooting consistency in the list of things Englebert should work on to be successful at the next level.

When thinking about playing on the next level, Cherrington likes Colorado, Penn State, Georgia, Cincinnati, and ASU. He has already told the ASU coaches that one of his visits will be to Tempe. "Warm weather is nice, but not required," Cherrington stated. He is looking for a place in which he can "fit in," and where some playing time is available.

Fortunately for the Midland College team, Englebert's trips are going to have to wait for another week. The team just finished winning their regional playoffs against teams from central and west Texas and New Mexico, including a defeat of the number two team in the country in which Cherrington had 14 points and nine rebounds. They are now on their way to the junior college national tournament in Hutchinson, Kansas, where they will face the winners of the other fifteen regions. Coach Hays indicated that he expects to see Coach Evans and/or Coach Benford in Hutchinson.

One of ASU's weaknesses this season was rebounding the basketball. Ike Diogu did his part, but was often the lone man fighting against four opponents as the ball came off the glass. The addition of Cherrington would help this aspect of the game for the Sun Devils, while also adding a player with big upside and athleticism.

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