Shivers Not Upset with Fifth Round Pick

When the former Sun Devil safety decided to skip his senior year, some forecasted that he could be drafted as early as the second round. However, Just like many other players in the NFL draft, rosy predictions gave way to a cold reality, and Jason Shivers had to wait until the fifth round to hear his name called. Nevertheless, he is pleased that he'll be joining other fellow alumni with the St. Louis Rams.

Jason Shivers admitted that his feelings today were bittersweet. "I'm happy to go to the Rams especially with their connections with ASU," he said. "I never really knew if I'm gonna get picked the first or second day. I'm just happy to get picked."

In the past, Shivers indicated that he didn't feel like one particular team coveted him more than the others. Thus, he went into the draft not knowing which team (or teams) is likely to pick him. "I didn't know that the Rams were gonna draft me," remarked Shivers. "They worked me out prior to the draft, and it was just like any other workout teams gave me. They said that if they liked me a lot they'll pick me, so I guess that's how it went down." He added that when he did get drafted, the phone call he got from the Rams was short and to the point – welcoming him to the organization and providing information on the May mini-camp. There was no discussion if they planned to keep him at safety or possibly move him to cornerback. "The funny thing is that I talked to Shaun McDonald right before the Rams called me," he said. "So we both didn't know who was gonna pick me (smile)."

Whether he was going to get picked in the first or second day, Shivers admitted that the whole experience was nerve-racking. "It was a stressful weekend," he stated. "It was hard to keep a level mind, because I didn't put too much emphasis getting picked early or late in the draft. I was just waiting there to get picked, and I knew it could be two-day process. It really was a three-month process where you're working out and preparing, and waiting for your name to be called. But even though it was stressful it was worth it."

Aside from having some familiar faces waiting for him in St. Louis, Shivers is pleased with the fact that he'll get to play in the valley once a season, as the Rams face the Cardinals here in the valley. "It's great that my family and friends can come out and watch me play here every year. Playing in the NFL and learning from great players like Adam Archuleta and Aneas Williams, it's just a dream come true for me and my family. That's why I'm so happy today."

Like many football fans across the nation this past weekend, Jason Shivers was occupied not only with the NFL draft, but also with mourning Sun Devil great Pat Tillman. "Unfortunately, I never got to meet him in person," he said. "But I got to watch him a lot playing for ASU and the Cardinals. He was dominant all around player that would always hit hard. I feel that he showed the type of players that we have at ASU – a player with great character. He was one of the best to play at ASU. I send my condolences to his family."

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