McGee Opens Official Visit Circuit at ASU

The very familiar surroundings of Tempe did not detract from Andre McGee and his family's impressions of his official visit.

"The visit went real nice," said Andre McGee. "I know a lot about ASU, but I still had fun. Everybody is just expressing how important I am in the recruiting process, and how much they want me down here. They don't want me to feel too pressured, but they showed me a lot of love." McGee was hosted by former Canyon Springs high school teammate and close friend Tron Smith.

We also had a chance to chat with Andre's mother, Jackie, about the visit. "We had a lovely breakfast where I received a Mother's Day bouquet," she said. "We really learned a lot on this visit. Last time we were here, we just went to the U of A game, and we didn't get a chance to meet a lot of people. This time we got to meet some new people like the Dean of the Business College. We also got to talk to the coaches more in depth. We did learn a lot more about the school. Andre was very impressed, and thinks that everyone is sincere and has his best intentions at heart."

Andre agreed that the reason that he wanted ASU to be his first visit was to set the bar for his following visits. There were however other factors: "I wanted to be here with the guys before they left to go home for the summer," he explained. "Talking to my parents and AAU coaches, they told me that most of the recruits now do take their visits in their junior year, and that the whole recruiting is getting pushed up. So, I might as well jump on the opportunity."

Other than ASU, two schools currently seem to be the main suitors for his services. "The main three are ASU, Louisville, and Washington," said the Canyon Springs high school star. "I'm gonna visit Louisville on June 11th, but I don't have a date set yet for Washington. Some other big time schools are talking to me, but most of them already have a lot of point guards. And I don't plan to redshirt (smile)."

McGee was still feeling the effects of his dehydration episode following a Las Vegas tournament a few weeks back. Thus, he was just a spectator as the Sun Devil players played pick-up during his visit. "I'm anxious to play," he exclaimed. "It's just killing me (smile). The dehydration happened because I was playing three games a day, with no subs breaking presses, making assists, diving on the ground…anybody needs a little break sometime (smile)." He added that he expects to be cleared in time for a Memorial Day weekend tournament that his AAU team will partake in.

McGee's strongest trait is obviously his scoring. Nevertheless, he admitted that he has developed his game to a point where he uses his assets to also better his teammates. "I think I found the balance between scoring and dishing assists," he commented. "I think that I can take people (defenders) anywhere I want, and that opens it up for other guys on the floor to take an open shot." Off the court, McGee said that his workouts are trying to achieve several different goals. "I'm lifting weights, getting quicker and stronger. I'm also working on getting smarter, maturing, and learning everything I need to know about the game."

When analyzing the Sun Devils' chances of landing this four-star recruit, there are many factors that play in ASU's favor. "It's close to home." McGee stated, "I have family here. My boy Tron is here…that holds a lot of weight. I'm just gonna compare ASU with the other schools and see where I feel the most at home. That's how I'm gonna make my decision."

How long will ASU fans have to anxiously wait the decision of this four-star recruit? "I'm thinking right after the AAU circuit is done in late August. I want to get it over with, enjoy my senior year, and focus on getting prepared for college."

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