Introducing the 2004 Class: Quency Darley

Last season's loss to Iowa has left a bitter taste in the collective mouths of the Sun Devil team. However, the squad's returning players are not the only ones eagerly awaiting the rematch. Newcomer Quency Darley's recruiting experiences with the Hawkeyes have caused him to be just as motivated for this contest. In this exclusive DevilsDigest interview, the defensive linemen spoke candidly of the recruiting process he endured with both teams, as well as his expectations for the 2004 season.

"The coaches from Iowa came the same day the Arizona State coaches did," said Quency Darley. "One of my JUCO coaches told me that when two schools recruit, and they talk the same way, that's a good thing. But if one school changes their tune right before you sign, that school may not be the right school for you. The Iowa coaches were good guys, but they were recruiting against Arizona State, and I wasn't feeling that…I'm really looking forward to that game on September 18th. My parents already made arrangements so they can be there (in Tempe)."

It seems that the Kilgore (Texas) Community College standout was familiar with the Sun Devils long before the maroon and gold showed interest in him. Ever since that first meeting with former offensive line coach Jeff Grimes, Darley felt that the recruiting process with ASU was off to a good start. "I saw them on TV before, so I knew about them," stated Darley. "They visited me before they even called me for the first time. Coach Grimes came in December right after the season was over with. The first thing he talked to me about was religion. Because I'm a religious guy that really hit close to home with me from the start. It has really been a beautiful process ever since."

Darley mentioned a slew of schools that showed interest in him prior to ASU. "Maryland and LSU were real interested in me then, " recalled Darley. "I also got letters from Southern Cal, Ole Miss., Clemson, Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina…a lot of the same schools that recruited me out of high school…Arizona State really came right on time. I didn't have any visits set up yet, because I knew I was only gonna be done with school in the spring."

The defensive lineman, who initially signed out of high school with Appalachian State, felt a strong sense of camaraderie during his visit to Tempe. "The biggest thing was how well all the players got along," he remarked. "When I hung with the players and coaches, I felt like I already knew them. I felt like that if I would go to school there it would be an easy transition."

On the other hand, Darley said that his visit to Iowa City was frigid in more than one way. "It was cold (smile)," he commented. "I had never experienced cold weather like that in my life. But what really killed it for them was that they were recruiting against Arizona State, instead of trying to compete with them."

"A couple of their players were saying all those things against Andrew (Walter) and the other Arizona State players," Darley continued. "That made me mad because I felt really close with the players at Arizona State. If you feel that you're better than another team you don't have to talk about them. The fact that they did all that talking showed me that they weren't better."

On the day that Darley gave his verbal commitment to the Sun Devils, he entertained both of the school's coaches in Kilgore. Once again, he mentioned the Hawkeyes' recruiting approach and how it led to his eventual commitment. "The Iowa coaches talked about the defensive tackle situation at Arizona State," said Darley. "I already knew about the situation, and I felt it was a good thing for me, because I only have two years to play (plus a third redshirt year). The Iowa coaches said that they couldn't understand why the numbers were so low at Arizona State, and I didn't feel that it was the right thing to say at the time. That's not something they should be telling me right before I'm about to make my commitment. So, they made feel that Arizona State was the place for me."

The defensive lineman said that he didn't think that the Iowa coaches knew at the end of their visit that his heart was truly with ASU, and in fact he himself didn't think that he would pull the trigger in the hours to come. "That day (Tuesday January 27th), I thought I wanted to wait until the weekend to make a decision. But my parents told me that when I feel it's right, I should make the decision right there."

Ted Monachino, Darley's future position coach at ASU, was there when Darley made his announcement. "We sat down in the cafeteria," recalled Darley. "I thought it was so cool that he just came and sat down with me just like a friend. That was something I was really impressed with - a coach that can teach you what to do on the field, and can also be a friend off the field. I told him about what Iowa said about the defensive tackle situation at Arizona State. He told me that if you look on the Internet you'll find out for yourself how many defensive tackles they have. I found out that they have ten tackles, and Iowa never told me that."

"I told him that I wanted to be a Sun Devil," Darley continued. "He threw his hands up and said ‘yes!' People thought he was crazy or something (smile). I called my parents, and I talked to Coach Koetter and Jamar Williams (his host player on his visit.)" Darley added that the recruiting pressure didn't ease up following his announcement. "South Carolina, Clemson, Oklahoma State, and LSU all offered me in the last week before signing day. But I felt all along that ASU was the place for me."

The team's great need at defensive tackle was naturally a focal point during Darley's recruiting process. Nevertheless, what also motivated the junior to-be were the other junior college linemen the Sun Devils were pursuing. "I'm not an arrogant person," exclaimed Darley who in 2003 collected 58 tackles, six sacks and 19 tackles for loss. "I knew that Arizona State was recruiting other JUCO defensive tackles, like Remi Ayodele, who played in the same conference as I did. I knew in my heart that I played better than him. I don't disrespect the players at Arizona State because they are a bunch of good guys, but when I come there I'm gonna work hard and I want to start."

Darley credited the strong points of his game to his sense of versatility and football smarts. "I feel that I'm a balanced defensive lineman," he said. "I have my technique down, and I usually know what's gonna happen before the snap – I've been studying the game with my dad ever since I was a little kid. The only thing I need to work on is my strength. That's why I want to come there early and start working on it. I'm already up to 280 lbs." Darley added that he plans to come in June to participate in the off-season workouts.

The Sun Devil newcomer is currently finishing up his required courses towards his AA degree. In a previous DevilsDigest interview, Darley admitted that he was never the most studious person in high school, but his outlook has changed dramatically ever since. "College is not just about football," he said. "It's also about my career. That's why academics are the biggest thing for me. I want to get a good college education, and I liked what ASU had to offer."

Quency Darley is a deeply religious individual who prides himself on being a family man. This is why his decision to play a great distance away from his Alcolu, S.C., first at Kilgore, Texas and now in Tempe, Ariz. is somewhat surprising. Nonetheless, the lineman said that playing close to his hometown takes a back seat to fulfilling his ambitions in life. "I don't get homesick very often," he claimed. "The only time I think of home is when it's getting close to the time I'm suppose to go home. If I know I'm not going home, I don't miss it. This is my dream, and I'm doing whatever I can to achieve it. Being at Arizona State is the best thing for me. I do want to be a Sun Devil, and I'm ready to get on the field and mix it up." September 18th, 2004 is surely circled in his calendar…

Recruit Profile


Quency Darley

Junior College

Kilgore Community College (Kilgore, Texas)







Date of Birth



Sumter, S.C.


"Everybody called me Big Baby, because I was younger than everybody."

Favorite TV Show

"Family Guy."

Favorite Movie

"Top Gun."

Favorite Singer/Band

"Stevie Wonder."

Favorite Food

"Steak, Eggs, and Pancakes (smile)."

Favorite Drink

"Orange Juice."

Favorite Athlete

"Courtney Brown."

Favorite Pro Team

"Carolina Panthers."

Person you most admire

"Both of my parents. I admire them for how they raised me, my brother, and my sister. They helped us make it through a lot of hard times, when we didn't have much. I appreciate everything they have done for me, and I will try to do my best to pay them back in the near future."

First Football Memory

"Monday Night Football when I was three years old. I don't remember who was playing, but I just remember watching all the highlights before the game started."

One Thing most people don't know about me

"Everything is pretty obvious with me (smile). I'm a nice guy, who works hard. I guess one thing is I can cook."

Why did you choose ASU?

"It just felt right for me. I had a lot of late offers in the last week before signing day. But I knew that Arizona State was the right place for me."

Where do you want to be in ten years?

"In my eighth year in the NFL and married (smile). If that doesn't work out, then I'd like to own a restaurant."

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