Post-Game Quotes

Coach Koetter and his players comment on the loss to U of A.

Coach Dirk Koetter: "First off I do apologize for what happened (the fight after the game). That's not college Football and that's not how we want to be represented in front our alum, boosters, and administration. That's totally embarrassing and that's not how we want to be represented. We need to save our fights for the game and not after the game… It's bad enough that we got out butts kicked during the game; we don't have to fight about it after the game. Secondly, we totally got our butts kicked today in every phase. We got out coached and outplayed and that's just a fact. There's no way to sugarcoat it, there's no easy way to talk about it…I thought Bobby Wade played very well, and we didn't consider double covering him…Andrew did play well when we brought Jeff in. We told everyone up front that we were going to start Andrew and bring Jeff in later in the game. There were some things in our offense that we want to get to with Jeff, that Andrew is just not ready right now. It just didn't work. With that said, and as terrible as we were in the first half, we had had some chances in the third quarter down 20-14. We just couldn't do it. Two turnovers in the red zone – you're not gonna win any games doing that. No one position played well enough to win, and we didn't coach well enough to win…

It's not gonna be an easy task to get ready for the UCLA game. Part of college Football is that kids come in here for years and leave here as men. Part of becoming a man is that it's not all an upside. Life isn't a bowl of cherries. There are good times and bad ones, and right now we're as low as can be. What are your options? You can take the easy way out and quit, and we can't do that. I can't imagine that they'll be a lower point in our program than right now. Nobody is gonna come and rescue us, we got to dig our way out of this."

Jeff Krohn: (on what he was told about his playing time) "Coach told me I was going to go into the game, he just didn't say when. It shouldn't matter that I came off the bench. I took a lot of reps in practice, and I should have played better than that." (On the post-game fight) "Things like that shouldn't happen. But anytime you get a bunch of guys who take pride in what they do, it's tough. You at the guys' eyes right now, and you know they don't want anybody to be dancing on their field. It shouldn't have happened, but I can see why it did." "Arizona didn't do anything different, we just didn't make plays. They didn't make any adjustments really. We just got beat. This loss will really test our character. It's a disappointing season and a disappointing loss to our rival. We have to come back tomorrow (Saturday) and practice and go to a banquet. I think we have enough character to bounce back against UCLA."

Scott Peters: "I'm not sure you can write anything down in the paper about my emotions right now. There are some obscenities there. Now that I had time to think about it, I played my last home game here, and I lost bad. I'm embarrassed for the program. Especially for that little thing in the end. I couldn't picture this going any worse. This one is on the players. Coach will come up defend the team and say it's his fault, but it isn't. We didn't make the plays and that's the bottom line. I'm going to take a stand on that, and take responsibility. We just didn't show up to play…I don't know if we were over hyped. It's a rival game; you have a lot more emotions than other games. I don't think the officials screwed us with penalties, and we didn't have any personal fouls…The first drive of the second half we came out with the will and the desire to win. We needed to get a score and we did. We just fell apart after that."

Kurt Wallin: "I saw one of our players try to knock off a U of A player who was dancing on Sparky, and then he was attacked by a bunch of U of A players. I just didn't want to sit there and watch this happen…We knew we had given them everything they got in the first quarter. We had some dumb plays on our end. So we decided to come out in the second quarter and take what's ours. We just didn't do it… We didn't tackle and let Farmer run all over us…(on his last home game) I've been coming to games here since I can remember, and I will miss it."

Andrew Walter: "It's hard to say if the team got out of rhythm after I was in and out all game. We did come out strong in the third quarter a little bit, but not enough obviously. That was the plan (to play both QB's) from the get go, so it's unfortunate if there was any break up in the rhythm. We did get away from the running game in the second half, because if you're gonna go down you might as well go down shooting…(on the pass thrown to him by Tom Pace which got intercepted) I should have batted down that pass. It was kinda behind me, but that's on me to make the play. We did practice it and Tom always threw it well. Obviously, I didn't make the play I should have…I'd like to think that the energy we used in the fight after the game, could have been used during the game. There's no place for this in college Football. It's just a sour taste to leave our fans with at home."

Delvon Flowers: "When you're at home, you want to defend it and not let anyone break into your house. They came and broke into our house, but they also stomped in our house, you have to defend your house and teammates reacted. We lost on a bad note and we need to put it all back together…I'm very disappointed to go out like this in my last game here at home. More than anything I wanted to give coach Koetter his first win against U of A, and that really hurt me we didn't. As far as me, I wanted to go out on top in front of the fans that were loving me all this time. To me I have one more home game at UCLA. I got to do what I need to do over there…It hurt us a lot when I fumbled. I tried so hard all year not to fumble and I guess it happened. I was running wild, not having security on the ball, and it just popped out. If we scored on that drive things could have gone different. We tried to come back, and it just didn't work for us."

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