Coach Koetter Press Conf. Notes

The ASU head coach reviews the loss to Arizona, and previews the upcoming match against UCLA.

The first year head coach opened his press conference stressing that the season isn't over in his mind, and thus he won't make any comments regarding the future "It wouldn't be fair to our seniors on our team." Nevertheless, he didn't deny that his team would have a hard time getting up for the game this week: "It always tough to get up after a loss, especially when it's to your rival. I know they'll be players on both sides that won't show up on Saturday. The way I look at it, you etheir a competitor or not. There are only so many chances in your life that you get to compete. When you do compete you have a sense that you accomplished something, and you don't look back wondering if you gave your best effort."

Reviewing the Arizona game, Koetter said that it was an embarrassing performance both during the game and after. He singled out the inability to stop the big plays; penalties, the horrible start, and bad finish in the 4th quarter as some of the reasons for the performance. When asked in specific if he felt his team was lacking motivation before the game, he replied: "I'm not a Psychologist, so I can't answer that. I think there's some merit to fact that the team wasn't fired up before the game. I gave up a long time ago guessing based on warm-ups how motivated my team is. I've seen teams jump up and down in the huddle before the game, and go play horrible and vice versa. We have to play better in order to win. We did spot them 20-0, and we came back. When the score was 20-14, we had two opportunities to take the lead and we didn't capitalize on them. They (Arizona) deserved to win the game, and they did."

On ASU's QB situation, the head coach says that he still working on the game plan, and couldn't say for sure who would start: "Walter will play an extensive amount of time, but I don't right now if he would start." He did mention that Krohn would play as well. On a side note, UCLA's QB Paus was demoted to third string for this game, due to his on and off the field problems. As far as disciplinary actions that would be taken after the post-game melee, Koetter said that he wouldn't "chalk up" the fight that ensued after the game was over. "I was told by my police escort not to get close to the fight, so I couldn't see what was going on. It was hard to see who was fighting from our side, and I know they were some of our players in there just trying to break up the fight and protect our guys. I don't have time to search for a TV tape and see who's at fault. Some players did step forward and apologize for the fight."

Dirk Koetter did mention that the in-house visits stage of the recruiting process did start yesterday. "I visited many in-state players yesterday, while my assistants were visiting out of state prospects. The coaches will fly in tonight; and we'll practice as normal Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Thursday night they will out again for visits, and join us at the hotel in Los Angeles over the weekend." The ASU coach circled the weekends of 12/7 and 12/14 as crucial dates, where he expects between 12-20 prospects to visit each week. "These days with so many players committing early, you can't wait long to bring them in. Very few players take the full length of time to make a decision. Most of them want to make a decision before Christmas. On the other hand, some teams will mention that their scholarships are filling up fast, and try and pressure a player into making a decision."

Lastly, the Sun Devils coach talked about the UCLA game, and the absence their star running Back DeShaun Foster: "It's not going to be a different preparation for us. UCLA still runs the same running plays, and their running back is very talented and just a younger version of Foster. Their backup quarterbacks have played a lot and their quarterback situation, as a whole is kind of up in the air as ours. Their running game sets up their passing game."

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