Introducing the 2004 Class: Myrio Davis

No one can blame a recruit for committing to school because of his experiences on his official trip. The parties, lavish meals and social outings are all naturally designed to lure a prospect to the school hosting him. But there are some players, like Myrio Davis, that look past all that. The safety talked to DevilsDigest about his recruiting experiences, the factors that led him to stay close to home, and his academic status as he gets to ready to embark on his Sun Devil career.

Through out his tenure at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Myrio Davis, who was listed the sixth best player in Arizona by SuperPrep Magazine, was one of the best players in the Metro Phoenix area. Keeping in their tradition of recruiting the state's best, the Sun Devils targeted the safety early in the recruiting process. "ASU started looking at me my junior year," recalled Davis. "My high school coach told me they were interested, and they kept on coming to see me. Wherever I went they were there (smile)…the first ASU coach I met was Coach Nordquist. He really impressed me. He was a real cool guy and I liked him. He was a very positive person, but he also kept it real."

The Sun Devils weren't the first ones to offer, but obviously this fact mattered very little to Davis. "Oregon was the first one to offer," he remarked. "ASU and U of A were the only other schools to offer me early. Everybody else offered me later, but I didn't hold it against them. If I liked the school, I would listen to what they have to say. It didn't matter how often a school came to see me practice or play. I wasn't really into the whole recruiting thing. So, it wasn't like ‘man, they're coming to see me so much I should commit to them.' It was just there."

There was time where this ASU freshman to-be was convinced he may play for one of the Sun Devils' Pac-10 foes in the golden state. "I really thought I was going to California to play for UCLA or USC," Davis stated. "But UCLA was too cocky for me, and it just didn't work out with USC. My parents never pressured me to stay close to home, and said that they would support me wherever I would go. But it was obvious that they wanted me to stay close." And when asked what he thought about Arizona, a school that may not be in his back yard but still relatively close to home compared to his other suitors, he simply replied: "There's nothing to do out there but get in trouble…"

On that note, Davis mentioned that the extra curricular activities that take place on an official visit made very little impression on him during the recruiting process. "I took visits to ASU, U of A, and San Diego State," he said. ". I wasn't gonna take all my five visits and take advantage of all the recruiting process. All the visits were the same experience, just in different schools. It was just boring to me. I party here at home; it's nothing new to me. I wasn't gonna go to a school just because they had a good party or something like that. I was looking beyond the girls and the parties"

Davis' Hamilton Huskies were part of the 5A state finals the last two years. After faltering in 2002, his third overtime game-deciding tackle last December help secure a thrilling 35-28 victory over the previous year champions Mesa Mountain View. The PrepStar Magazine all-region player shared his experiences from that epic contest. "It was the hardest game I ever played both physically and mentally," he said. "It felt like we were playing there forever (smile). After we lost to them (Mountain View) last year, we just knew we couldn't lose to them one more time. We didn't know how we were gonna do it, but we knew we were gonna beat them." Not only did Davis finish the 2003 season as the state champion, but he also took home the Tyrone Byrd Award, which is presented annually by Phoenix Metro Football Magazine to the state's best defensive back.

Ever since former Sun Devil great Terrell Suggs played there in the late 90's, Hamilton has been a perennial powerhouse in the Metro Phoenix high school landscape. Much of that success is attributed to their coach Joe Wrenn, who Davis credits for not only his success in high school, but also his readiness for Division I football. "Coach Wrenn is an unbelievable coach," exclaimed Davis. "It's like we were a college program. We spent a lot of time watching film and preparing for our opponents. A lot of schools out there didn't spend as much time as we did. We had to know everything we were doing, and everything the player next to you was doing."

"Everyone knows I have the physical skills," Davis continued. "But he helped me with my mental ability. Colleges want you for your physical abilities, but once you go to college, you have to make sure that you're prepared mentally. Coach Wrenn made sure I was gonna be ready. He's like a second father to me. I have not but blessings for him."

The Hamilton standout played both safety and wide receiver. His work on defense, including his 71 tackles, landed him the most accolades, and among them was his first-team all-defense selection by SuperPrep Magazine. "I have good vision, " he said when discussing his skills. "I'm big (bench presses 300 pounds) and very quick for my size (clocked at a 4.48 in the 40-yard dash). I do need to be more vocal. I'm just kinda quiet until you piss me off (smile). I know that being vocal will come in time. I'm a leader by example. I know what I have to do to, and I just go ahead out there and do it."

Understandably, he would like to be in the defensive backfield when he dons the maroon and gold, but he hinted that it may find himself at the other side of the ball. "I like playing safety. But Coach Koetter told me that there's a chance I could play receiver. It doesn't matter to me. Whatever can get me more playing time, that's where I want to be."

His academic eligibility was a source of concern a few months ago, and Davis admitted that it's a situation, which should have never occurred. Nevertheless, he does have good news for those who are wondering if he will qualify. "I gotta it all wrapped up," he commented. "I scored an 860 on my SAT and I have an overall 2.5 GPA. I finished my senior year with a 3.2 GPA. It's not that I couldn't have taken care of it earlier, but I was just lazy. Coach Wrenn sat me down and told me that I need to take care of buisness, so I went out and did it."

For weeks now, just as other local members of the 2004 class, the safety has been conditioning with the rest of the team. "I was nervous in the begining," said Davis about his team workouts. "But now I'm used to it. You have to get used to how hard you need to work. You have to be out there every day working. There's no time for recovery."

A local player such as Davis may have less of a transition to undergo into college life, as compared to a new Sun Devil arriving from out of state. However, enduring less of an adjustment isn't the only reason why Davis is happy he's playing 20 or so miles from home. "My dad passed away last month," he said. "So I'm happy I'm staying close to home. It was like the decision to go to ASU was meant to be, and having my family and friends close by will help me with the transition."

Crowds have cheered loudly for Davis during his Hamilton career. The safety confessed that those voices were another reason why he will be seen playing at Sun Devil stadium on Saturdays. "Yeah, that made a difference," he stated. "A lot of the people said ‘we want to see you play here at home." Some of those people have watched me since I played Pop Warner. It wasn't like they were pressuring me, but it was neat that they wanted to come watch me play." For the next few years, Davis will be introduced to tens of thousands of other new fans. If he continues his excellence from his Hamilton days, those cheers will ring even louder than before…

Recruit Profile


Myrio Davis

High School

Hamilton (Chandler, Ariz.)







Date of Birth



Columbus, Ohio



Favorite TV Show

"Pimp my Ride."

Favorite Movie

"Bad Boys 2."

Favorite Singer/Band


Favorite Food


Favorite Drink


Favorite Athlete

"Ronnie Lot."

Favorite Pro Team

"Oakland Raiders."

Person you most admire

"My dad. He was a good man, and he has put me in the situation I am in now. He was a very intelligent man. He's my dad – hands down."

First Football Memory

"I was eight years old playing Pop Warner. I was a defensive end, and I got laid out when I was rushing on a blitz. It was my first game ever playing."

One Thing most people don't know about me

"I'm a mama's boy (smile)."

Why did you choose ASU?

"Be close to home and close to mom."

Where do you want to be in ten years?

"I want to major in culinary arts and be a chef."

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