Tempe Prospect Favors Two Pac-10 Schools

Marcos De Niza's Terrance Hooks may have not received any scholarship offers to date, but he told DevilsDigest that the recruiting attention he is receiving these days is fairy strong.

The 6-1 192 H-Back/Linebacker told us that the hometown team has been pursuing him heavily, and in turn he has been impressed with the Sun Devils. "ASU is doing a good job," said Hooks. "I like their recruiting style. I like coach Koetter, coach Nordquist and all the other coaches there. I went to the junior day and all of them are really nice. I would say that out of all the schools recruiting me Arizona State is giving me the most attention." Hooks added that he knows former Marcos De Niza player and current Sun Devil Brett Palmer, as well as running backs Randy Hill and Loren Wade who he has talked to several times during ASU spring practices.

Terrance Hooks is the cousin of former Sun Devil and the former Arena League Rattlers' player Bryan Hooks. Being an iron man is all the rage in the Arena League, and ironically Terrance has the same mentality of his cousin. "I'm being recruited as an H-Back and as a linebacker," he remarked. "I pretty much play all the snaps at these positions. I don't want to sound selfish, but I really don't like to sit out any plays." When asked if he preferred one over the other he replied: "I just want to play. I like H-Back, but I really like to hit too (smile)."

During his junior year, the versatile Hooks ran for 700 yards and collected more than 100 tackles. He talked about his skills at both positions:

"Playing H-Back, my height really helps me with a lot of things I do. Not only with running, but also catching the ball. I can jump over some of the shorter defenders that are on me. I have a lot of explosiveness, and long strides. It helps having long legs (smile)…I could improve on my ball handling and having quicker feet. My vision is OK, but it could be better."

"At linebacker I need to improve my reading of the offensive line, but as far as hitting I really improved. In the begining of last season I was missing tackles, but by the end I was really buckling down and making big plays. I love blitzing – I love when the coach sends a blitz play from the sideline. (smile)…being an H-back helps me a lot at linebacker – I'm able to make cuts. With my height I can defend the tall wide receivers, and with my speed I can defend the running backs coming from the backfield."

The Marcos De Niza standout isn't too concerned over the lack of scholarship offers. He feels quite confident that his performance will ultimately land a few of them on his doorstep. "I don't know if I've been unknown until now," he explained. "It doesn't really matter anyway. If you come out and do what you have to do, you'll get noticed. If I perform my senior year, I'll get the offers. Recruiting has been up and down so far. You get some stuff in the mail, and then you don't get stuff for the longest time."

Hooks admitted that before and after the ASU and UCLA camps, the recruiting attention has stepped up. His top six schools are ASU, UCLA, Oregon, UTEP, Cal, and Washington. "Right now my top two are UCLA and ASU, " He stated. "Choosing between them would come down to family. Playing close to home is important. Playing in the Pac-10 is important. That's why I like these two schools the most. I'm just gonna wait as the season goes on and see if I want to stay at home or not. I have mixed feelings on this." He added that cousin Bryan is doing his best to have him don the maroon and gold just like he did.

While Hooks is enjoying the recruiting attention from ASU and other schools, he vows not to have the process interfere with what he thinks can be a magical senior season. "I'm never gonna say that I want to put the recruiting process to the side, but I really don't want it to distract me this year from the game," exclaimed Hooks. "I want to go out, make big plays, and help the team win. I'm excited for this season. I think Marcos is gonna come out this year and shock a lot of people." As far as recruiting goes, looks like Hooks' abilities are anything but shocking to the schools pursuing him…

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