Top 25 For The Week Of 12/2

SEATTLE - At least there's one thing we're sure of - the Miami Hurricanes, the unanimous No. 1 for the second straight week, are going to play for the national championship. But whom will the Hurricanes play? Around and around and around their potential opponents go. This week, it's the Tennessee Volunteers, who vaulted to No. 2 after downing last week's No. 2, Florida.

The Volunteers (10-1) still have one landmine left to maneuver - Louisiana State in the SEC championship game next week. Oregon, 10-1 after dispatching Oregon State 17-14, clings to some hope of advancing to the national championship game. That will happen only if Tennessee loses or falters badly against LSU.

The final BCS standings, released on Dec. 9, will determine which teams will play for the national title.

Maryland's 10-1 record earned the Terrapins much more respect - a No. 4 ranking - in poll than others. Colorado, No. 6, has two losses to go with its 10 victories, including Saturday's over then-No. 3 Texas and the week before over then-No. 2 Nebraska. The Buffaloes also have defeated Kansas State, ranked No. 13 at the time; Texas A&M, then No. 19, and Colorado State, then No. 24.

Joining rankings this week are Florida State (7-4) and Toledo (9-2). Exiting are Marshall and Auburn. is an online sports network featuring the top college team, recruiting, NFL and high school sites on the Web. The Top 25 College Poll includes ballots from publishers reflecting the regions and conferences represented in college team network.

Rank Team Points Rank
1 Miami (9)2251
2 Tennessee2135
3 Oregon2084
4 Maryland1886
5 Nebraska1817
6 Colorado1809
7 Illinois16610
8 Florida1592
9 Brigham Young1558
10 Texas1423
11 Oklahoma14012
12 Stanford12911
13 Washington State12614
14 Virginia Tech10413
15 Syracuse8019
16 Michigan7916
17 South Carolina7715
18 Georgia6917
19 Fresno State6421
20 Washington5917
21 LSU5523
22 Ohio State3622
23 Louisville2823
24 Florida State19 
25 Toledo11 
*First place votes in parenthesis.

Other teams receiving votes:
UCLA 10, Marshall 7, Auburn 6, Georgia Tech 4, Texas A&M 2, Boston College 2.

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