"It Was Time For A Change Of Scenery"

Jeff Krohn, who started the majority of the games for the Sun Devils this season, held a press conference to explain his decision of leaving the team.

"I'm getting more attention now, than we I played" smiled Krohn as he walked into the room full or reporters and cameras. In his opening statement, Krohn said that: "It was time to leave...move on." He insisted that they were no quarterback controversy issues that brought him to this decision. "Being a walk-on at one time, I wouldn't have a problem being a backup." The quarterback said that he reached that decision last week, after consulting in length with his parents and several individuals.

What was Coach Koetter's reaction? "He didn't try and talk me out of it. He knew that I wanted to leave. Coach never said that I wouldn't get a shot at starting next year. He said it would be an open competition. He will actually help me find another school. I wish the coaches and players lots of luck. I will miss my teammates a lot. I love them to death. I love ASU. I love Tempe. I had a great three years here, and I wanted to thank everyone who made it fun for me."

Were injuries a factor? "Injuries are frustrating but not the reason I left." Krohn was going to get his knee scoped in Los Angeles today, and the results of that procedure will indicate if he will be able to participate in spring practice, where school that may be. "I'm going to explore my options as to which school I'm going to. Going to an I-AA school is probably a better option for me (he won't have to sit out a year). I haven't answered the phone in a few days now, and I know schools have been calling. I've been bust with finals too now. But I'm anxious to explore my options."

Krohn was in total peace as far his decision, and he has no regrets about leaving. "The last few games have been though on me, because I was in and out all the time, and the last game I didn't play at all. I worked hard for coach Koetter this past season, and I wanted to thank him and everybody else who let me play for this past three years."

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