UTEP Post-Game Quotes

Head coach Dirk Koetter and his players discuss the 41-9 win over UTEP

Dirk Koetter:

(On the defense) "I thought that was probably the biggest thing in the game - the turnover situation. Our defense did a god job turning it over. Two huge plays by Manny Franklin. I was pleased with our defense all night, expect on that one drive at the end of the second quarter…our linebackers and safeties did a good job of pounding it…today's was Dale Robinson's birthday, and his family was here from New York, so a big Happy Birthday to Dale. He made his presence felt early."

(On the wide receivers) "Wide receivers did a nice job. A lot of guys got catches. I'm disappointed that Zach (Miller) didn't show what he could do in the passing game. But how ironic that big brother Brent gets the first TD for the Miller family. That was pretty awesome."

(On the offense) "We didn't do a good job on third down. Offensively we looked out of synch all night long. We never got in a rhythm and we're a rhythm offense. Even though we made plays here and there, I just never really thought we had it going on offense. I've seen Andrew play a lot better. On the other hand, he throws three touchdowns and no interceptions, and we're sitting here upset about that."

(On the running backs)"Our plan was to limit everyone on carries. There was no use taking Loren Wade out there and running at UTEP 30 times. That won't prove anything to anybody. We wanted Loren, Randy, and Hakim to all get carries, and get Preston (Jones) in the fourth quarter and we did that. UTEP ran an eight-man front, which makes it hard to run the ball. They challenged us to throw the 10-yard out. We did that well; we just didn't get our home runs. But we just beat that team by five touchdowns and we should beat them by five touchdowns."

Andrew Walter:

(On the offense) "I thought it was real good, and there were four or five plays that were real bad. But if we take those away, the score is a lot different. Really, it was a victory won (convincingly). You win one, you win the next one, and you keep on going. We feel good about it."

Dale Robinson:

(On this game being a continuation of a good fall camp) "I see it like that. I had a real good camp, and camp helped me develop and come into the first game. I still made a lot mistakes out there, but hopefully I'll sharpen them up for the next game. After I got the first hit I was loosen up and ready to play."

(On this game being a statement for the defense) "I think we definitely we made a statement. The defense was rushed on a lot last year, and coming out we wanted to show that our defense was strong. I think we definitely did that today. The defensive line made it easy for the linebackers."

Emmanuel Franklin:

(On his game) "I had a couple of interceptions, but I also made some mistakes. My roommates have been on me to get my hands on the ball, because I haven't touched it in a few years. A lot of guys wanted to step it up for R.J. (Oliver) because he's out for the season. Him and Riccardo being out was a blow to the secondary. But coach Koetter always stresses that anytime somebody is out, everybody has to pick up the slack, because we're only as strong as our weakest link."

(On his interceptions) "Last time I had two picks in a game was high school, but I never took it to the house in high school. I never scored on an interception until I got here. Coach Koetter showed us a tape of all the things we can't do in the Pac-10 this year, so I kinda kept it down on the celebrating a little bit. I did just a little of taunting towards (UTEP QB) Palmer, because he was talking a whole lot (smile)…"

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