Koetter's Post-Game Quotes

ASU head coach Dirk Koetter recaps the win over Iowa.

(on Zach Miler's play): "It's a huge game for Zach, and anyone who has been at practice has seen Zach play like that everyday. Guys say why don't you throw to this guy?…defenses dictates where Andrew throws the ball. Tonight, the ball went to Zach a few times. Next week, it might be back to zero. They were determined to not let us throw to the outside to Terry – they rolled the coverage over to him. That's a big part of our offense, so we had to go to some other stuff. Matt Miller had two huge plays…offensive coaches had a real nice game plan for these guys."

(on the offensive line play): "No sacks tonight. I don't know how many times we threw it, but it was a few…if you saw Chaz White and Grayling Love they had the big ‘ol cast on their feet – they practiced with bum ankles all week. I'm real proud of the way they played. Iowa isn't an easy team to run the football at. I thought we did enough in the running game to hang in there and keep our play action viable."

(on his team's game plan): "We knew we had to stop the run, and then we had to contain (Iowa's QB) Tate. The crowd certainly helped us. We got pressure…we heard all week how we're not physical enough to play with a team like Iowa. I think we showed tonight that we are physical."

(on playing all three RB's fairly early in the game): "Now that we're into the meat of it (the schedule), we're gonna play them all. I still would like to get to that point where we running that guy 20 times, but I don't know if that's gonna happen this year. We have one of the best quarterbacks in the country, and I like the ball in #16's hands as much as possible."

(on the revenge aspect of this game): "Every player on the football team has his own motivator. For some, revenge is a legitimate motivator. That personally doesn't work for me, but it works for some players. I don't try to discourage that when the players are talking about it. A lot of people picking against us or saying we're not physical enough…I put all that stuff in front of the players. I can't go up there and give a Vince Lombardi speech that's gonna work for all 100 players on the team. We always try to look for different things."

(on Iowa's late first half time out and the ensuing long pass to Terry Richardson): "We were trying to run the clock out. They had two timeouts left and we had none. We were just gonna try and run it and make a first down, or if we could break off a chunk and would have gone into a two-minute offense. We ran two plays and gained five yards. They called timeout, and there were 18 seconds going into that play (by Richardson). If we would have just ran the ball into the middle, they were gonna burn another timeout. I told the coaches let's max protect and run three vertical with Terry and Derek outside, and Zach down the middle – it's gonna take the same amount of time off. They blitzed us and that was an awesome catch by Terry."

(on playing physical): "We're taking a lot of pride in playing physical. The video guys made a hit tape for the highlight video, and I have a feeling we'll be watching a hit tape tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon."

(on the challenge of being delayed in the kickoff): "It was no problem. After we saw the Arizona game delayed on TV. I talked to (Athletic Director) Gene Smith. I told the players at the hotel, that there's a good chance it will be delayed. They did a real nice job of handling it."

(on why his team had a quick start against Iowa): "Maybe it was the delay (smile). I've been saying I want to start at 1:00. Maybe we should start all our games at 8:00."

(on the attempt to bring down the goal posts after the game): "I told the team at the hotel on Friday night – don't be surprised when the goal posts go down tomorrow night. I see that our fans can't get it down, maybe they need to work out a little more and practice a little bit. Our fans were awesome tonight – they need to finish better…(smile)."

(on whether there's something special or different with this year's team): "I like how they're hanging in together. They're doing the right things. They're playing well on both sides and encouraging each other. We have a tough test opening with Oregon State. Let's pack this house again, and do this all again Saturday night."

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