Williams Humble in Light of Pac-10's POW Honor

Linebacker Jamar Williams has been excelling at the Devil back position all season long. While his play speaks for itself, he is quick to acknowledge his teammates as the main reason for his success and his Pac-10 defensive player of the week award he received following the Iowa game.

"It felt great getting the award," said Jamar Williams. "I give a lot of credit to the defense. I was just doing my job and getting that honor was a surprise to me. I always feel like there's something that I can do better. When we get into Pac-10 play we're gonna play against much better offenses, but we're ready for them."

Payback may have motivated some, but not all, of the Sun Devils when preparing for Iowa. However, you can count on that aspect as one that fueled Williams' desire to play the game of his life last Saturday. "We were hungry," he said. "We haven't played a team that really wants to run the ball, and we wanted to show everyone that we have three physical linebackers. I had a broken nose in the game last year, so I was anxious to play them (smile). In our first two games we out hit our opponents, and we just balled out the whole game…If we play like that every time, we'll come out with the victory no matter who we're playing. We knew what they were gonna do, and we attacked them instead of holding back like we did last year.

Despite the award winning performance, there's the small issue of the linebacker being stopped by Iowa's signal caller Drew Tate, while trying to score on an interception return. "I know him from high school, and something in mind told me to run him over," commented Williams. "I don't know why I did that, and I'll probably hear about it all year (smile). I'm just glad we scored after my interception."

The junior's position was constructed with an undersized linebacker in mind, but the 6-1 243 Williams has fit that role without missing a beat. He claimed that having the correct mindset as the main factor that aids him in his performance. "I'm loving the position," he exclaimed. "I'm not so worried about making tackles like I was last year. Dale (Robinson) is doing a great job making plays. Sometimes things are rough, but I know that sooner or later I will make a play."

With each game, Williams has grown more comfortable in his new role, and he claimed that this can only spell bad news for opposing offenses. "The first two games they weren't running a lot of plays to my side," he recalled. "Against Iowa, I got into the mix more and it felt great. That's how it gonna be for teams from now on. They're gonna have to choose me, Justin (Burks) in the middle or Dale. I don't feel like we have a weakness in our defense. I'm not surprised about how we're playing. I'm like ‘it's about time.' Hitting hard is taking care of the mistakes we're making. Out hitting your opponent causes turnovers and makes the opponent commit mistakes."

The linebacker remarked that he feels very comfortable in the new 4-3 scheme, and credits that alignment to the new violent nature and punishing style of the maroon and gold defenders. "We have four goals each game," said Williams. "Do our job, SOB – speed on ball, out hit our opponents, and create turnovers. If you see our games, we all just run to the ball and get our hands on it. You see all the hitting that goes on, and the linebackers are out there making a lot of plays."

Coming off the Iowa win, Williams was pleased with the tempo of Tuesday's practice. He already feels that the defense has a good jump on what Oregon State will have in store for them on Saturday. "We understand their schemes," he claimed. "But we need to worry about what we do. If we play like we're suppose to we'll be victorious. They have a good team, and we know that they will bring it. We're gonna try our best to get to the quarterback, but we know that their O-Line won't help us. We feel that if we pressure him he'll make mistakes, and I have faith in our secondary. We just need to execute the schemes of our coaches and the rest will take care of itself."

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