Koetter's Oregon State Post Game Quotes

The ASU Head Coach Talks to the Media Following the OSU Win

(On fighting adversity through out the game): "Fighting adversity is one of our team's mottos this year. We had to fight some adversity right off the bat because we were missing Loren (Wade). Randy (Hill) didn't really practice full speed all week, because he had a hip flexor injury, and Hakim (Hill) with a broken arm…we had some tailback issues. We got behind, and had to overcome that. I thought we did what we had to do."

(On his defense). "Defense was outstanding. Derek Anderson – that guy is good. He made some great throws tonight. On the ‘almost' touchdown – that was a great throw. But it might have been the best play of the year in college football by Manny Franklin, and a great example of why you never quit on a play. It will make my personal highlight tape tomorrow that I will show the players. We did get pressure on him (Anderson). We thought that if we did get pressure on him, we would have chances for turnovers, and that played out."

(On Oregon's State defense disrupting Walter's rhythm): "First of all, Oregon State is just a good defensive team. Swancutt never gives up…we juggled the O-line tonight and started Krula at right guard, and we moved our best guy, Grayling Love, out there (to left tackle) against Swancutt – that was a battle. They blitzed us; they brought their linebackers…three of those four DB's can play for anybody. They got up in our receivers' face, did a good job of mixing man and zone, good job of mixing four man rush and blitz. They had a good plan for us."

"We had some chances. Last week (following the Iowa win) I came here and told you that every one of our ‘shot' plays worked. This week, we had a curl and go to Hagan and Andrew overthrew it. Matt (Miler) dropped a touchdown pass. Against a team like that, when you do have chances to make big plays, if you make a lot – you're gonna score more. I'm disappointed we didn't knock them out in the third quarter when we had a couple of chances, but I also think you have to give Oregon State some credit. If there's a better 1-3 team out there, I'd like to see them."

(On Loren Wade's future availability): "I can't say that right now. Loren has violated team rules, and at this time I just can't comment on that anymore, other than to say he's out right now."

(On whether the Wade suspension was a team distraction): "I told the players at the hotel last night what would happen, and I told them as much as I could tell them, which is what I'm telling you (the media). They'll find out the details when the time is right. That's when I broke in to my ‘fight adversity' speech. I think our guys have the right mindset. The show goes on. Unfortunately, we lost Randy tonight with an ACL. He's gonna be out for the year. It's tough when you get guys that are real solid players and you don't lose them for a couple of weeks, you lose them for the year."

(On Hakim Hill playing with a broken arm): "I got to give to Hakim major props. He practiced hard all week. I thought Hakim ran very tentative tonight. I've seen Hakim run harder. I thought his best runs were the two last runs of the game. I'm not trying to be hard on Hakim; I got to call it like I see it. I thought he ran tentative tonight, but I have to give the guy major props – he's playing with a major cast on his arm. One week ago he broke his forearm, and tonight he's playing college football. That takes a stud to do that."

(On OSU possibly trying to intimidate ASU with their extra curricular activities): "I don't know what their plan was, I know for a fact that's not the kind of guy Mike Riley is. But Oregon State has been the most penalized team in our league, and we talked about that with our players. I don't think our team would be intimidated. We talked to our guys about playing smart. I think the leadership through out our team is good. We have way better leadership from the inside of our team than we had at any point since I've been here. I'm very happy with that."

(On the current rotation at tailback): "Hakim, and Hakim, and more Hakim right now (smile). I was just down at the locker room recruiting some guys to play tailback. Come to practice Tuesday and see who I picked."

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