Coach Evans "Excited" For Pac-10 Season

Pac-10 basketball in December? Get used to it folks. Due to the conference tournament, which makes a comeback after 10 plus years, conference play starts this week. The ASU team has already endured somewhat of a roller coaster season after only seven games. This week it will travel to the Oregon schools to try and start Pac-10 play on the right foot. Coach Rob Evans talks about the team's preparations for the road trip.

DevilsDigest: What is the team's mood going into Pac-10 play this week?

Rob Evans: We're looking forward to it. We've tried to correct some things after our last game against Montana State. We have a tough road trip to Oregon, but we're excited and really look forward to playing Oregon and Oregon State.

DD: The fact that school isn't in session for a bout a month now, is it a big advantage to your team?

RE: There's no doubt about it. We had a lot of time to work on a lot of different things. We've been working very hard physically and mentally, and we've scaled back as we got closer to the game.

DD: What aspect of the game have you worked on the most lately in practice?

RE: We really worked real on our defense. Last game we scored over 70 points. That will usually win games for you. But in our last game we gave up a lot of points too, so we've been working on that. We also have been working a lot on taking care of the Basketball. Lately, we have been real sloppy with the ball. We are also working a lot on executing on the offense end. But more than anything, it has been our defense.

DD: Can you speak of the injuries to Chad Prewitt and Chris Osborne?

RE: Chad has been struggling with his toe. We held him out of practice on Monday, but he'll be ready to go. He's a tough kid. We hope that Chris doesn't play with a brace all season long. It really hinders him; he can't catch anything. It's difficult for him to pass the ball. But he's a very tough kid, and doing everything he can to get by. But we hope he can take the brace off real soon, so we can play him more.

DD: Do you feel that the Oregon game may be a tougher test than the Oregon State one?

RE: Both of them are going to be tough. Any time you go on the road, it's a tough challenge. Oregon will be tough, and the second game of the road trip is always the toughest. They are both well-coached teams, and we have to go out and win both of them.

DD: Did you feel that the pre-season enthusiasm has tempered the first seven games of the season, or has the season gone so far as you expected?

RE: The only expectation I have for this team is to get better. We're gonna continue to work hard and win every game we can. As far as expectations, if somebody has pre-conceived expectations on this team, that's on them. We're trying to get better and win every game we can.

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