Bye Week Blathering

<I>The 5-0 start has brought many random thoughts to my head. Since there isn't a game to talk about this week, I'll share these random thoughts with you now.</I>

The Great Start

Being 5-0 heading into a BYE week and then going to LA for a match-up with the potential #1 team in the country is a great feeling. Very few predicted ASU to be in this situation, so Devils fans should enjoy it. I think the team has earned a week off and we, the fans, have earned a week to reflect on what has been a very enjoyable beginning to the 2004 campaign.

Of course, we shouldn't be cocky. After watching this season's games, the next four contests are probably the toughest on the schedule. Both Cal and USC look great while UCLA and Stanford are pleasant surprises so far. All four of those teams will pose big threats to de-rail the positive momentum ASU has built.

The Drunken Stooper

It seems as if the Drunken Stooper that had affected most of our rival's fans has worn off a bit. They got two big doses of reality and both were self inflicted – a missed FG against Wisconsin after some very conservative play calling set up a long attempt in poor weather conditions and a fumble by a back up RB while trying to secure a victory by running out the clock against WSU. In both of these situations, the youth and inexperience of their coaching staff was apparent.

While the coaches will undoubtedly learn from these experiences, Cat fans' inflated hopes of a bowl this season went up in the air as fast as if they were hit by a WSU defender's helmet. The team is playing hard and compeeeeeeeeeting, but they just aren't very good, lacking offensive firepower and experienced game breakers on either side of the ball. They'll only get better in the future, but their intentions of "hittin' a bowl" this year will have to be the Barnett-style, not the road trip kind.

Dear Brent Guy

I would like to extend my sincere apologies for looking at past results and assuming the future would be similar. You and Coach Koetter identified that the 4-2-5 was not working with the personnel we had and decided to change to the more traditional 4-3. This is an understatement, but it worked.

Of course, many will still say nasty things about you and wonder why it took you three seasons to make the change, but I'm just happy it happened. Continue with what you're doing and keep the troops focused. Once again, good job.

Sincerely, Big E

P.S. Please send Dale Robinson to my credit card company and tell him that the CEO is actually an opposing QB. Thanks in advance.

Great Weekend of College Football

This weekend is a college football fan's dream. The Red River Shootout. Cal vs. USC. Tennessee vs. Georgia. LSU vs. Florida.

I know I'll be in front of the tube most of the day. My couch and remote are going to get a workout.

Other Random Tidbits

- For those going to LA for next week's game, make sure to partake in some Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and some Tommy Burger. They are highly recommended.

- Stanford has an opportunity to even up the Pac 10's record against the Domers this weekend. We'll find out if USC was asleep or if the Trees are really that good.

- Did Heavner really complete two passes to himself in the last Cat game I watched? No wonder his completion percentage is so high!

- Northwestern has a pretty good team and the eye's finally lost (there's no more "Luck" in Luckeye land!).

- It's good to be a Sun Devil fan right now!

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