Visit Gives Pimentel Something to Think About

The four-star linebacker was committed to Cal when he visited ASU this past weekend. Is this still the case following his trip to Tempe?

"The visit was great," said Arnaldo 'Mickey' Pimentel, "and they made me think about what is the right place for me. I'm still committed to Cal, unless my Mom (who accompanied him on the trip) changes my mind. All I know that signing day is in February, and a lot of people sometimes change their mind at the last moment. We'll see…"

The linebacker, who rated the visit as a 8.5-9, talked about some of the activities that took place during the weeknd. "I toured the campus, went bowling with the football team, we ate dinner at Coach Koetter's house, we hung out at the players' house and played video games. I met all kinds of people and had a great time there." Pimentel's host on the visit was Emmanuel Franklin.

The one thing that surprised Pimentel on the visit is naturally tied into his second thoughts about his commitment. "I couldn't believe how similliar ASU and Cal are," he said. "The people and coaches at both programs are both great. It's kinda shocking how similliar it was with both programs. I have to talk with the people I trust and see if I'm gonna stay committed to Cal."

The only thing the linebacker is certain at this point is that he will not take any more official trips.

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