Hakim Hill Enters Plea Agreement

The Following is an official Press Release From Hakim Hill's Lawyer: Hakim Hill has accepted a plea proposal received this weekend from the prosecutor for the State. That agreement reduces the charge from the original charge of Sexual Abuse in the 3rd Degree, a Class C felony, to a serious misdemeanor charge of Assault Causing injury.

It specifies the result of this plea to be a suspended sentence, meaning no time in jail, a minimum fine of $250, unsupervised probation, community service, and attendance at one counseling session.

The plea to the charge of Assault Causing Injury was entered pursuant to an Alford plea. This is a procedure recognized by the United States Supreme Court which allows the individual to enter a plea without admitting participation in the acts constituting the offense charged. The Sex Abuse charge is being dismissed by the State.

It is our belief that this plea proposal, made by the State, was the result of recognition that there were significant factual disputes that would have arisen during the trail of this case. Those disputes concerned the accuracy and consistency of the statements made by the State's primary witness, and obviously resulted in a serious question regarding what actually happened between Mr. Hill and this young woman. The plea was also a result of the fact that Mr. Hill has no prior regard of this type. His only other adult criminal court contact is an Operating While Intoxicated conviction which occurred when he was 18.

Mr. Hill was faced with the difficult decision of whether to go to trial to seek full vindication, or to enter a plea which placed some burdens on him, but did not require an admission of any improper or illegal behavior and eliminated all risk of adverse consequences. This was a difficult choice, and the ultimate decision to accept the offer was made with mixed emotions.

This plea agreement allows Mr. Hill to avoid that risk and to return to Arizona where he can focus on his studies and his athletic career. It marks the end of an ordeal that he has completed with the help and support of his family, his friends, and his community.

Hakim Hill

"While reasserting my belief in my innocence, I wish to emphasize my regret at having placed myself, my family and my university in a position to be defended."

Dirk Koetter

"Hakim has been suspended from competition since the university learned of his charges last August. He now has to complete his due diligence as it relates to the directives of the court. His full reinstatement to the team is under review by the Director of Athletics pursuant to the Student-Athlete Code of Conduct. The Hill family has asked that further questions be directed to their attorney."

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