Walter Content with NFL Workout

Andrew Walter had a record-breaking 2004 season, which ended with much heartbreak. Last year's Sun Devils' starting quarterback returned for his senior year, and was injured in the regular season finale at Arizona. It was then believed that his NFL draft status would be adversely impacted. Today, the leading career Pac-10 TD passer began his quest to prove to the pro scouts that he belongs among the elite signal callers participating in this year's NFL draft.

"The workout was good," said Andrew Walter. "I felt real good; I had a lot of adrenalin with all the people watching. It made me feel that much better, and I'm very pleased. Obviously, I haven't had the number of repetitions to get me to where I'm gonna be, but I was very pleased." Walter, who underwent shoulder surgery on December 7th, started light throwing in mid-January. "From what I understood this is a long rehab and I'm way ahead of schedule," He explained. "It's supposed to take 8-9 months and I'm here today less than four months. I'm feeling great." The ex-Sun Devil credited his surgeon and the rehab specialists at the Athletes' Performance institute, which is adjacent to the field he was working out on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, Walter admitted that he still isn't fully rehabilitated but he does put his workout performance in perspective. "Today was a positive day," he stated. "Mid-season form? I don't have to be. That's what we talked about at spring practice when I was at ASU - we don't have to play a game. What counts is in August when camp rolls around. I'll be ready for that, and today I don't have to be."

"The biggest thing was showing them (NFL scouts) where I'm at, that the arm strength is still there," Walter continued. "I'm obviously not there; I'm getting there (full recovery) very soon. I felt I was very sharp with less repetitions. With more repetitions I'd be that much further along, but I just didn't have the time." Walter, who was clocked today in the 40-yard dash at 4.85 seconds, added that there was some immediate feedback from the scouts in attendance and it was all positive. Other private workouts may take place before the draft if an NFL team chooses to invite him.

The quarterback is aware that some proclaimed national draft experts don't project him going in the first few rounds. He said he wonders if people across the country have ever seen him play, and that as it is the true evaluation amongst teams' front offices takes place these last few weeks before the draft. With that in mind, which round does he expect to be drafted at? "You know what? I have no clue," he replied. "Sometimes my parents want to talk about it, and I can't get into that conversation. It just goes in circles, like my dog chasing his tail. People might say something here and there, but it really comes down to when it's draft day and people taking that pick."

Walter had bulked up to 235 pounds and believes that adding five more pounds in the near future is very feasible. Having said that, he wasn't too comfortable at the NFL combine where clothing was minimal…"The combine is worse (than a workout) because you walk around with no shirt, and of course I'm so big I don't mind that (smile)," he quipped. "This is home, this where I'm comfortable." However, during that combine scouts were impressed with his mental makeup and understanding of the game. "That's a compliment," he admitted. "That's definitely a strong suit, and I didn't know how strong it was until I went out there. Coach Koetter's system really gets you ready. Being a part of only that - I really didn't know (about the system getting one ready for the NFL). Now seeing other guys' offense and talking to other people, it's (ASU's offensive scheme) legit and definitely prepared me very well. Everybody talks about this being such a mental game, so I would hope that more emphasis (in the evaluation) is put on that than physical (attributes). You could be Michael Vick, but if you don't know what you're doing you won't play."

Walter's fondest ASU memories center around his team's dramatic triumphs. And then, there's always that one blow out victory that puts a smile on one's face. "The freshest one (memory) in mind is getting that win against Stanford at home," he recalled. "We got so many road victories in the last quarter like North Carolina, Oregon, and San Diego State. So to finally get one at home…to blow out Iowa and kick the hec out of them, that was pretty sweet."

In 2005, Sam Keller will take the reins of the maroon and gold offense. Walter talked in glowing terms about his apprentice and his prospects this year. "I think he'll do well," claimed Walter. "He came in as a freshman and picked up the offense (quickly) – it was amazing. We all saw how well he played in the Sun Bowl, and expect great things from him. He's the kind of guy that will take things in stride - the good with the bad. He's a great guy and hopefully will have a lot of success, but not break any of my records (laughs)."

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