Despite Success Richardson Remains Humble

This time last year, the burning question on the Sun Devils' offense was who was going to step up and claim the #2 wide receiver spot alongside Derek Hagan. Terry Richardson had an outstanding spring practice and nailed down that role in convincing fashion. The junior told Devils Digest that even through out the good times, he likes to keep his nose to the grindstone and ignore the accolades.

"Like I did in the past, I never paid attention to all that talk (concerning the #2 WR spot)," said Terry Richardson. "I just keep my head buried in working and what we have going on the field. Whenever I look up, and whatever I accomplish it's because of my hard work. I'm satisfied with what I did last year. I convinced myself that I can take that step forward, and playing at the level I know I can play. I just felt more comfortable last year." Case in point, Richardson was second on the team in reception yards (679 yards) and tied for second in receiving touchdowns with six – both career highs.

This spring is obviously a very different one for Richardson and his teammates. The tragedy that the Sun Devils experienced is only now, according to Richardson, starting to have a lesser effect on himself and the team. "Due to the circumstances we've been going through, I think we've been doing all right," stated Richardson. "It took us a couple of weeks to get over the shock, but we're on the up rise, and this whole thing will make us stronger in the end."

Personally the junior noticed some improvement in his game, as well as a change in his quarterback's play. "I've gotten better mentally and physically, and I'm getting more confident with Sam (Keller) and the whole offense. The Purdue game was a good starter for him, and a good starting block for the offense for next year."

In regards to his personal goals, Richardson doesn't talk numbers but rather fundamentals. "I'm trying to be that consistent player like a Tory Holt or a Jerry Rice," he remarked. "Even when I'm fatigued or just hot (smile) being consistent, focus on the play, read the defense, go through my checks, and being there for my offense are the things I want to accomplish."

Last week's scrimmage was probably the offense's best showing thus far in the spring. Richardson is encouraged, but not content. "We definitely came out stronger and faster," he said of the scrimmage. "We scored on our first possession, and everyone looked more comfortable. We definitely got better this week. Now, we just all need to be on the same page, work more on the running game, and get overall stronger. I think we're getting better every week, and we'll be fine going into the season."

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