Introducing the 2005 Class: J.D. Walton

Big hits in a football game are usually associated with the defensive side of the ball. Thus, it would be rare to see an offensive player level an opposing defender during the course of the game. Those infrequent occurrences are usually of the "pancake" variety, which occurs when an offensive lineman introduces an opposing player the field's surface. Incoming ASU freshman J.D. Walton served 79 of those treats in his illustrious career in Allen, Tex.

"Pancakes are something that you put into the game," said the 6-3 295 J.D. Walton. "It doesn't just happen. Sometimes you got to move someone out of the way so you can block the next guy. But sometimes you make a pancake just to make a pancake (smile)."

The all–district and all-county standout received 14 scholarship offers. The Sun Devils were one of the first schools to pursue him during the recruiting process. "The first time I met an ASU coach was during spring ball after my junior year," Walton recalled. "I met coach Monachino and he said how pumped ASU was to recruit me. I was really excited that they showed that much interest."

Walton mentioned Houston, Colorado State, Utah and Iowa State as some of his other serious suitors. Strangely enough, the lineman who played for one of the premier high school programs in the lone star state received very little attention among the Texas schools. Naturally, one wonders if Walton is disappointed over that fact. "Not really," he replied. "Arizona State is just as good if not better than all the Texas schools. I'm very excited to go there. Playing away from home is just something else I get to do in my life."

The Allen high school standout said that the strongest competition ASU had for his services was Iowa State. Ultimately, it was his official visit to Tempe that steered him in the maroon and gold direction. "The way the players treated me on the ASU visit…I never felt out of place. The coaches were excited to have me visit and they treated me like I was already one of the players. It made me feel wanted, not needed."

Walton was named to The Dallas Morning News Area Top 100 and State Top 100, and is considered a versatile player that can play all five positions on the line. "My downfield blocking is something that I need to work on," he remarked as he described his skills. "I'm probably better in run blocking than pass blocking, but my high school team probably passed for 60% of the time, so my pass blocking is pretty good too." Walton added that the ASU coaches are initially projecting him as a left guard.

The lineman already took part in the Coca-Cola bowl, and on June 18th he will play in even a more prestigious high school all-star game – the Oil Bowl, which pits the finest high school players in Texas versus their counterparts from Oklahoma. "I can't wait to get back on the field," said Walton about next month's game. "Anytime you get Oklahoma and Texas together it's intense. I'm ready for some more pancakes."

It goes without saying the ASU's high octane offense is one that is extremely appealing to quarterback prospects. Walton admitted that offensive linemen are another position group attracted to the Devils' style of play. "Coach Myers coaches his players on playing nasty and being physical," stated Walton. "It's kinda funny watching Arizona State's offensive line hurting people and being aggressive."

Walton was impressed as he watched his team win the Sun Bowl, and marveled at the way Sam Keller stepped up to the challenge. Two of Keller's touchdowns came late in the fourth quarter on screenplays. Demanding as it may be, that play offers Walton much satisfaction. "It's more of a challenge to block on the screen play," he said. "You have to get out in the open field and you have all these skinny players running at you (smile). But it's fun getting in other people's way, and laying out some people as you run. That's my favorite part of the game."

The lineman plans to come to Tempe a week after the Oil Bowl, and isn't concerned of the busy summer of work that awaits him. "I'm not bummed that my summer vacation is getting cut short," he commented. "This is where I want to be and I can't wait to get it on. I want to get on the team and get a spot."

That spot on the team may be hard for him to find at first, but Walton trusts the coaches' judgment as to whether he'll be ready or not to contribute as a true freshman. "If I get in there and I'm better than some of the guys they (the coaches) will find a spot for me," he said. "The coaches said that if I want to redshirt and not play my first season that's my choice. If they feel that I'm not ready to play my first year, then I'm OK with redshirting. There are benefits to redshirting and not redshirting. Whatever happens happens."

And the appetite for the pancakes continues to grow…

Recruit Profile


J.D. Walton

High School

Allen (Allen, Tex.)







Date of Birth



Lawton, OK


"Just J.D. or big man."

Favorite TV Show


Favorite Movie

"Meet the Fockers"

Favorite Singer/Band

"Fifty Cent"

Favorite Food


Favorite Drink

"Dr. Pepper"

Favorite Athlete

"Donovan McNab"

Favorite Pro Team

"Philadelphia Eagles

Person you most admire

"Both my parents. They're great role models."

First Football Memory

"Breaking my foot in sixth grade. It happened in the first game I ever played."

One Thing most people don't know about me

"That I'm from Oklahoma (laughs)…I was in the Future Farmers of America until my junior year."

Why did you choose ASU?

"It felt right and I'm pumped about it."

Where do you want to be in ten years?

"In the NFL. If that doesn't work out I'd like to be a veterinarian."

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