Blue Chip Lineman Has ASU in His Sights

At 6-7 287, they don't come much bigger than Springfield South offensive lineman Lee Tilley. With over 35 scholarship offers, many of them from national powerhouses, they don't come more coveted than the Springfield, Ohio resident. The Sun Devils recently offered Tilley, and Devils Digest spoke to him and Springfield South's offensive coordinator Jeremy Beckham about his recruitment with the maroon and gold.

Arizona State verbally offered Lee Tilley a scholarship two weeks ago, and according to Beckham the written offer was received at the school last week. "We've been dealing with (ASU's O-Line) Coach Myers and it has been a lot of fun," said Beckham. "He's such an excitable guy and I'm sure he's a reflection of coach Koetter and how he runs his program. He spoke about the opportunities that Lee would have with the network of ASU alumni nationwide. That's something that has stuck out in my mind and Lee's too."

According to Beckham Tilley already has all the necessary physical tools to be a standout lineman. "He's a big man with long arms – like a Boeing 747," he remarked. "He has only been playing three years, and he's really coming into to his own right now and the next few years will be his best. He's already one of the best linemen in the nation."

The lineman has been flooded with mail and phone calls from several universities, but his criterias for the chosen school are much more simple in nature. "He's trying to find the campus that is right for him," Beckham explained. "He wants to find the place where he fits socially, academically, and athletically. He wants to spend some time in different schools, get to know the coaches and players and see how things are."

Springfield, Ohio is located only 45 minutes west of Columbus, but ironically enough Ohio State hasn't extended a scholarship offer. If this remains the case, it's almost a given that Tilley will play his college ball away from home. However, the question is how far? "You can't just dismiss the fact that an Ohio kid would go to the West Coast," claimed Beckham. "I don't think it's something people can take for granted. Lee will pick the best school for him, and it doesn't matter where it is. He's looking for a school that will give him a good education and a good life."

Having said that, where does that leave ASU among the plethora of programs pursuing Tilley? "We haven't narrowed down the list or anything like that," stated Beckham, "but I would have to say that ASU is up there in the mix. As a staff, we would urge him to take a visit to ASU. I expect him to have a list of favorites by the end of May."

Devils Digest also spoke to the man himself, and Tilley was just as enthusiastic when speaking of the maroon and gold. "I was blown away by how many offensive linemen Arizona State has," said Tilley. "Coach Meyers also talked about all the offensive linemen from ASU that play in the NFL...I'm OK with playing away from home. Most of my offers are not from schools down the road anyway. Arizona State - the only team that they are second to, are the national champs. I like the tradition the program has."

Tilley confirmed that he doesn't have a list of favorites or schools that he has already scheduled visits to, but there's one date in particular that may already be intriguing as far as an upcoming trip. "I'm looking at ASU's schedule and they're playing USC? Whew (smile)! that's gonna be a nice game and a good time to visit," he remarked. "They got a good schedule, they play LSU too."

Springfield South is a predominantly passing team, and the lineman stated that his strong suits are tailored for that style. "I'm a good pass blocker," said Tilley. "On my team if you can't pass block and run the counter, you won't play. I have good speed, good feet. Sometimes I look at myself on film make a play and say ‘did I do that?' (smile)." Tilley plays left tackle and protects the blind side of his signal caller.

Tilley doesn't plan to go to any camps this summer, but that's not to say that he won't check out as many schools as he can. "I have a lot of offers and a lot of places to see," he explained. "I'd be a fool if I don't go to at least five places to see what they have. I can go visit schools like Auburn, Oklahoma, LSU, Washington, Arizona State, Georgia…"

"I'm looking at the conference, location, coaching staff…" Tilley continued. "You want to look at everything because you'll be there four or five years." And the school who gets to have him for that period of time will undoubtedly thank their lucky stars for landing one of the nation's elite offensive lineman.

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