Better Late Than Never For Hudson and ASU

In today's recruiting world players like be noticed early in the process. On the other hand, schools that get into the game late are usually a long shot to sway a recruit their way. Thus, no one would blame Brett Hudson if he ignored ASU's recruiting efforts, which started only after Thanksgiving. However, the safety transfer from Grossmont Junior College chose to look at the whole picture and various other factors. This was a case were ASU's timing was just right.

"Coach Fidler (ASU's safeties coach) came after me late because they didn't think that they would recruit a JC safety." Recalls Hudson "He met me at the end of November and told me that they (ASU) usually don't believe in taking JC safeties, but they really were gonna look into to it this year. He called me the same day he watched film on me, and offered me a scholarship. It was just a very quick process." While the safety was flattered with the Sun Devils' feeling about him, other events had to take place for the San Diego native to make his final decision. "Because they came late, I really wasn't thinking about going there. I was pretty much set going to Oregon State. But Oregon State was indecisive on how many safeties they were gonna take. So, after I visited ASU and saw the facilities, and how close it was to San Diego – it really caught my eye. I didn't care that ASU discovered me late, it was cool." Ironically two other schools that were looking at Hudson will play ASU in the 2002 season: University of Central Florida, and Eastern Washington. Other schools that were vying for his services were Marshall, San Diego State, Utah, and Wyoming.

Playing multiple positions on both sides of the ball is nothing foreign to Hudson. Will that trend continue at ASU? "I went into Junior College playing running back. Then the coaches told me that they needed help at wide receiver, so I played over there. I did well there, and ran pass a lot of people (Hudson runs a 4.5). Everybody thought that I would be a good receiver. Then they had a problem at safety. Somebody told then that I played that position in high school, so they asked me to play safety along with wide receiver. For three or four games, I was playing both ways, but more on offense. My sophomore year I just wanted to concentrate on one position. I was playing well on defense, and I didn't want to play that position tired after running routes on offense, so I decided just to play safety for the rest of my junior college season. No one at ASU approached me about playing offense. I don't care. I'll play any position that can get me on the field."

One of ASU's coaches biggest and easiest selling pitches when recruiting safeties, are those three magical numbers: 4-2-5, as in the Sun Devils' defensive scheme which calls for a trio of safeties on the field at all times. Naturally, this fact didn't go unnoticed with the junior college transfer: "Playing the 4-2-5 was a big factor in my decision. When there are three safeties on the field, there's a better chance of me playing. I was real happy about this scheme." Hudson isn't only impressed by his position-friendly alignment, but also with the level of talent on the team: "To be honest I don't why ASU wanted a JC safety (smile). I watched the safeties on film, and see them in drills; they all look top notch to me. But I'm not gonna leave (smile). I'm gonna fight to be on the field."

Hudson is one of five JC transfers that have been enrolled in ASU since January, and will strut their skills in spring practice this month. The first few months in Tempe, have been enjoyable ones for the safety: "The transition was real smooth. For the first few days of classes the coaches took me on a cart, and showed me where my classes and everything else was. They made sure I'll be on time for everything. Everybody accepted me and the other JC guys. It's been fun, but the lifting and running is hard (smile). But it's all about discipline, but that's OK." Being home sick is very typical for a first year student going to school out of state. Ironically enough, it's the other way around for Hudson: "It's only a 45-minute plane ride from San Diego to here. My family said they plan to go to all my games, but I don't know if that's gonna happen. I had a lot of friends and family visit here this year, wanting to make sure I'm all right. It's been kinda hard to interact with the team because of that. Once they all realize that I like it here and that I'm doing all right, they won't visit as much (smile), and then I'll have a chance to go to more team functions and stuff like that." The junior safety was the recipient of the Joe Roth Award, which is given to San Diego area Junior College player that meets high academic and athletic standards. Hudson, who was chosen from 30 or so players, was humble when we mentioned that fact. When we asked him about his academics at ASU he said:" I'm majoring in exercise science. I'd like to be Physical Education teacher, and get my teaching credential after I graduate."

With spring practice starting on March 18th, Hudson's emotions are naturally running high: "I'm nervous because I didn't have that much time to learn the defense. It's hard to learn the defense on a chalkboard. You learn much more on the field. I have a playbook, and I watched film, but it's just not the same. But I'm also anxious to show them what I can do. We've been running around in shirts and shorts until now. I want to see how quick it's gonna be in practice, with the pads on. I want to get a feel for the speed of practice. I've learned a lot, but there's a whole lot more I need to learn."

Sometimes the best-laid plans take a back seat to a change in thinking and a quick decision. While the recruiting process of Hudson was off to a very late start, once the Sun Devils' coaches discovered him, they wasted no time in determining that he was a player who can contribute immediately. In a defense yearning for playmakers, this JC All-American safety could be one of the best finds in the 2002 recruiting class. And if that were to happen that the old cliché "Better Late Than Never" will be forever attached to Hudson's name.

Recruit Profile Name

Brett Hudson

High School

Patrick Henry, San Diego


Safety (Played Wide Receiver and Cornerback Too)




208 4.65

Date of Birth



San Diego, CA


No special nicknames. They just call me "B".

Favorite TV Show

Sports Center

Favorite Movie

The Program

Favorite Singer

Any Kind Of Rap Music, no favorite singer.

Favorite Food


Favorite Drink


Favorite Athlete

Deion Sanders

Favorite Pro Team

San Diego Chargers

Person you most admire

My brother Ryan. He played Football when I was growing up. He's the reason I picked Football over other sports. He was gonna play Division I Football, but broke his wrist his senior year. I wanted to play College Football because of him.

First Football Memory

Pop Warner, I played defensive end and get all the sacks. I was a tall skinny kid.

One Thing most people don't know about me

Everyone knows that I'm just a quiet guy that does my job. I don't talk smack, but I play hard.

Why did you choose ASU?

The facilities. Especially the weight room, it's big.

Where do you want to be in ten years?

A high school Football coach at my high school.

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