Koetter Seeks Consistency in Keller

ASU Head Coach Dirk Koetter is pleased with his signal caller thus far in fall practice. However, there's one specific feat he would like Sam Keller to achieve.

"Sam has been pretty good," said Koetter. "The thing that any young quarterback has to do, is that if you're in there for ten plays, you do nine of them very good but the tenth one is a turnover for a touchdown, that's not quite there yet. Consistency day in and day out…you look back at Andrew Walter and how far he came. He started off not being as consistent as a practice player to the time after he started – he was nails everyday in practice. Sam has to get to that point."

This may sound like a redundant observation, but ever since fall practice commenced linebackers Dale Robinson and Jamar Williams have been spectacular and outshining the rest of the defense. "Dale and Jamar are just making plays all over the field," Koetter remarked. "They're so strong, fast, and powerful…but they were doing that all spring. You just got to get everyone else on ‘D' to help them. When you have two tempo setters like that on ‘D' I think it definitely raises everyone up."

Tomorrow the Sun Devils go up the hill to camp Tontozona, following a morning practice in Tempe. However, if anyone thinks that camp officially starts when the team arrives in the pines outside of Payson he's greatly mistaken. "Look at me," said Koetter pointing his sweat drenched shirt, "doesn't it look like it officially started (smile)? It's fun to go up to Payson because of the weather break. It's all football, no cell phones…the camaraderie part of being up in the mountains…"

With all that camp offers, does the Sun Devil skipper think his squad looks forward to Camp T? "They know we have tow-a-days and they rather have two-a-days in Payson than here because of the heat," Koetter commented. "I think they know we get something out of it and it's a necessary evil."

One newcomer who has been drawing a lot of positive reviews is wide receiver Brandon Smith. "The thing that just jumps at you is that he has the speed to get behind the secondary," Koetter explained. "We have a lot of good receivers in our program, and there's that possession receiver label of a guy that can get behind the secondary. In our offense, that guy is worth his weight in gold. He's definitely shown that and has done it every single day."

Koetter was seen running with the team in their conditioning drills at the end of practice. Does he believe this psychologically sends a message to his players? "There's a lot of psychology in it, and that's that I have another appointment at 11:30," Koetter quipped, "and if I want to get a workout in and do everything else – it's a good way to get it out of the way. Every time I run with them, when I'm halfway in there I ask ‘why am I doing this?' But you're already in there so you can't quit. I'm always in with the 300 pounders."

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