Camp T Recap: Defensive Coordinator Bill Miller

At the conclusion of Camp Tontozona, Devils Digest sat down with the Sun Devils Defensive Coordinator for an exclusive interview.

DevilsDigest: How did you like your first Camp Tontozona and having the two-a-days there?

Bill Miller: "It (camp) was really great for what we were trying to do. Having no distractions, the weather, teaching, team build…everything was real conducive to everything we are trying to get done."

DD: Camp featured many walk-thru sessions, which is something you strongly believe in. Can you elaborate on this?

BM: "It's teaching and that's what we really are as coaches – we are teachers. A walk-thru is proactive, participative learning. A lot of guys can't take it from the chalkboard or a handout, and walking them through it is just a better teaching method. We don't teach anything before walking through it, giving video examples of it, and written explanations."

DD: If you took a snapshot of the linebackers group, how would you assess them at the conclusion of camp?

BM: "It's not a very pretty picture (smile), but I think we'll be all right. Our numbers aren't great, but we'll get through it. Dale Robinson and Jamar Williams are quality experienced players, and we have to get other guys to go with them."

DD: Adam Vincent and Chad Lindsey seem to have a nice showing at camp…

BM: "They made some improvements, and those guys can help us a lot."

DD: What goals did you set at the beginning of camp that you believe that you achieved at camp's conclusion?

BM: "We have a lot of goals, some we achieved and some we still have question marks. That's why we have another week or so before we play our first ball game. I think we found out who we can depend on, and dependability is the most important thing to me. A lot of the goals from here on out, will be more game-specific for Temple."

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