Camp T Recap: Cornerbacks Coach Mark Carrier

This group came into camp with many questions marks. How many of them have been already answered? In this exclusive DevilsDigest interview, Coach Carrier addresses those issues and much more.

DevilsDigest: With Camp T behind us, how are the cornerbacks as a group looking right now?

Mark Carrier: "We're looking OK. We had some injuries going in. We started off good, but then we had some injuries early, and we're trying to work through that. Guys are starting to come back here and there. When we get everybody there and healthy, we'll do OK."

DD: The cornerback picture looked like one big giant puzzle going into camp. Is it starting to get resolved?

MC: "Slowly but surely. It was good that we had a lot of pieces to build the puzzle. But when we started to put them in, guys started to fall out, getting hurt. Now we're starting to get those guys back and the picture is getting a little clearer."

DD: What's the prognosis on R.J. Oliver and his chances of playing against Temple?

MC: "He's getting better and the plans are for him to play the first game of the season. Coming back to us after a year, he'll be the hungriest guy out there."

DD: Josh Golden was also banged up during camp. Is he doing better right now?

MC: "Josh is still nursing an injury, but he should be good to go come Thursday (Sep. 2nd against Temple). I look for Golden to have a big year."

DD: Keno Walter-White was going up against Derek Hagan most of camp, but he seemed to hold his own…

MC: "He's doing OK. Hagan and T-Rich are probably helping him the most out of everybody. He gets frustrated, because he wants to do very well and is very competitive. So, when things don't go well and you get on him – he gets upset. Guys are there cheering him up because we will need him. He's coming into a new system that compared to last year is very different…I think he has done OK. He just needs to keep on working."

DD: With spring practice and fall camp under you belt with Bill Miller as the defensive coordinator, how will the new scheme impact the role of the cornerbacks compared to last year?

MC: "In this defense the cornerbacks will be more of an integral part. They're not just gonna cover a guy, they'll really have chances to be playmakers. These guys know it and all want to be there on the field and make those plays."

DD: What goals would you like the cornerback group to achieve between now and the Temple game?

MC: "Get our mindset to be game-ready. We're not there yet, we have to work on it, but we have time. I want us, when we step on the field, to have that fire as soon as the ball is snapped. We need to get ready for a fast paced atmosphere."

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