Hollyfield Poised for a Solid Senior Season

It may be one of the most frustrating trends in college football. A junior college transfer's first year at a Division-I school is more often that not an underachieving one, while his second and last year is usually above average. Thus far, Dewayne Hollyfield has stood true to the initial part of this trend. If Camp Tontozona is any indication, he will surely fulfill the rest of that tendency.

"It's all about the experience," said the 6-4 273 Dewayne Hollyfield. "I've been through my first year, and now stuff becomes easier. When you transfer to a D-I school, it's a whole different atmosphere. You don't have 50 people in the stands anymore (smile), the ball games are bigger. You have to know more about your game and your assignments. You're not out there just playing football."

"I'm able to come out, know my place, and I'm focused," Hollyfield continued. "Being more experienced I know now what to expect and do what I have to do."

His off-season regiment was a fairly simple one. "I watched my weight, and took more time in the weight room to get stronger," He stated. "I really learned my playbook and asked a lot of questions. You do all that, so you know what to do later on the field."

Hollyfield is full of praise towards Jordan Hill, and the leadership he's providing. "He is a tremendous leader," Hollyfield explained. "He shows great effort and comes to ball everyday. Seeing him do it motivates the team and keeps on pushing everyone. He's a good leader."

The defensive lineman isn't shedding a tear over his last Camp Tontozona. "I'll probably miss it a few years down the line," he claimed. "But I'm glad it's over. It's training camp and you know you're gonna come here to work hard."

In all likelihood, Hollyfield will be lining at other defensive tackle side by side to Hill at the start of the Temple game. The senior's goal, now that he's a starter, is to just continue to improve and erase those ugly memories during his first year. "I think I'm holding it down and I did enough to keep it permanent," he claimed. "But you never know. Anything can happen any given Saturday. Being a starter was my main goal. I wanted to work hard on my body and my game, and show the coaches why they recruited me."

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