Familiarization Doesn't Breed Comfort for Miller

This may be the first ever meeting between Arizona State and Louisiana State, but that's not say that the Tigers ways are completely foreign to the Sun Devils. ASU's defensive coordinator Bill Miller, coached at Florida and against LSU the last couple of years before coming to Tempe this season. However, don't think for a minute that Miller is sleeping better at night knowing he's going to face an old foe this Saturday.

"I don't know if comfort is the word when you're playing those guys," said Bill Miller. "They're a great team, with great personnel and outstanding coaching. It's huge task and big hill to climb…They (ASU's defense) are looking forward to playing the game, that's for darn sure. We'll see how they do in 48 hours. We'll know a lot of things in 48 hours."

While there's no calm in preparing for the Tigers, the fact remains that the defense had a an easier time studying the LSU offensive tapes, which cannot be said for the ASU offense which is trying to study a defensive scheme that is new to the visitors from the bayou. "None of it is easy, even though we get to watch some film – they're very talented," Miller commented. "We have a closer idea with Jimbo Fisher, who's still their offensive coordinator and knowing a lot about Les Miles. They're both great football coaches and both have similar philosophies. LSU is a great team and we have our work cut out for us."

According to Miller, LSU doesn't do many fancy or unique things on offense, bur rather execute very well and display a lot of versatility. "It's not necessarily the schematics, but the fellas that are doing it," He stated. "They have a direct run I-game, they have a got a great one-back running game. They have great passing concepts – they can spread you out or pack you in…they really incorporate a lot of different things, and make you defend the field."

Miller added that availability of Kyle Caldwell and Brett Palmer for this week's game is on an "hour-by-hour day by-day-basis. We'll have to wait and see." Caldwell did practice on Thursday on a limited basis.

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