Post-Scrimmage Quotes

Coach Dirk Koetter, and scrimmage stars Josh Amobi and Andrew Walter recap the end of spring practice scrimmage.

Coach Koetter

(On the defense)

"Defense did a good job today. Amobi and Montesanto were good, but the guy I think was outstanding today was R.J. Oliver. He went head to head with Shaun McDonald all day, and gave up just that one touchdown at the end. I thought that Suggs and Verdon played well. Defense definitely ruled the roost today. For our much-maligned defense, it was nice to get some confidence. We're gonna be a better defensive team, and we made some progress. I know we're gonna play better than last year on defense. "

(On the quarterbacks' play)

"Quarterbacks had a rough day at the office. Anytime you split the offensive line the way we did, our first team guard in on one team and first team center on another that makes it somewhat difficult to get pass protection. We really couldn't really establish anything on either side of the ball, running or passing. All three quarterbacks were struggling, and I think Andrew came back in the fourth quarter, and made two throws when the game was on the line, and that says a lot. We won't win games with the level of execution we saw today from the quarterbacks. But again, they were playing on split squads with an offensive line that had a first string guard and a second string tackle. I wanted to see the quarterbacks compete in that kind of situation, and we saw it."

(On the competitive format of the scrimmage)

"Coaches threw in a little more trickery than usual with the option play (Christensen's TD catch) and the QB draw on the two point conversion. We haven't practiced those plays all spring. The losers had to serve BBQ for the winners, so I wasn't surprised that the Gold team went for the two-point conversion. The game was very competitive, and pretty much even. That's good for our players to get into a competitive situation."

(On the Quarterback battle)

"I try not to make too many decisions based on what happened on the field, I like to look at the game tape first. That's why we film every day. We have to have a depth chart going in (To camp Tontozona), we'll meet with the players individually and the coaches. Chances are that Chad (being the #1 QB) will carry over."

(On not coaching, but listening to every offensive huddle)

"I was trying to listen to all the quarterbacks. Get a feel for their demeanor in the huddle. Listen to them after they get hit or when their team isn't doing too well – I wanted to be out of the picture as far as coaching and watching the players interact with each other. That was good for me."

(On the numerous ex-Sun Devils present at the scrimmage)

"We wanted the ex-players to know that they're welcomes here, and they're a great part of the ASU Football tradition. We had over 90 players here, and it's good for our guys to see that our ex-players want to come back here."

(On the progression of the offensive line)

"They had to gel quick and fast. We got some work to do, and we're making some progress. When you lose the caliber of players we did, that's gonna be an area that it will be hard to get better at."

(On if the team has progressed according to his expectations)

"I don't ever look ahead and say that I want us to be at this point at the end of spring. You just go as far as you can go. We had only 70 players or so, and I was very pleased how much work we got done, and how relatively few injuries we had. To work hard you have to go at it, and our guys stayed injury free. I attribute a lot of that to our off-season program."

Andrew Walter

(On his play in the fourth quarter)

"I guess if there's a time to do it, that's the time to do it. It was fun doing all that in the fourth quarter. We wanted to win, and that's why we went for the two-pint conversion. We knew what kind of defense they were gonna run, so we were able to execute it. It's bragging rights for the whole off-season. We're still a team, but it was nice to have a rivalry going today – I enjoyed it.

(On possibly becoming the #1 QB)

"I made a case for myself a little bit. It's not my decision. All I do is play, and thy coach and make the decisions. Whatever happens happens, and we'll go from there. The offense line is the key for the whole offense; it's not the skill positions. When they're struggling to run the offense, it makes it hard on everyone else. If we ran the scrimmage in the old format, you'd probably have more confidence in the offensive line that they would do their job. I was barely missing receivers, or throwing away on the run."

Josh Amobi

(On his play in general) "I think it's speed. Just look at me compared to the other linebackers, I'm skinny (smile). When I see somebody carrying the ball, I don't get pushed away. That's just what I do. I'm a senior now, like other guys on the defense. I've been around the block. I'm starting to get used to playing well on defense."

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