Travis Scott "Shocked" When Drafted by Rams

When predicting which ASU players were going to be drafted by the NFL this past weekend, the names that always came up were offensive linemen Levi Jones, Scott Peters, and Kyle Koiser. And while some thought it was shock that Levi Jones was the 10th overall pick, a bigger shock for Sun Devil fans awaited on the second day of the draft. Fellow Offensive Lineman Travis Scott was drafted by the NFC champions St. Louis Rams in the fourth round.

The shock wasn't only reserved for ASU Fans. "It hasn't set in yet" Said Scott "The Rams called me just one minute before it was announced. I thought it was a joke when the Rams called me today (Sunday). I told them it was wrong to play a joke on someone like me on a day like this (smile). I'm probably more shocked about getting drafted in the fourth round, than getting drafted at all. I thought I was going to be a free agent. I was just gonna be happy to be in someone's camp." One reason for the shock waves that Scott's selection has sent through the league was the fact that he didn't play in any of the senior bowl games, nor was he invited to the NFL combine. "I was still waiting to hear back from the NCAA to see if I could play a fifth year. That's why I couldn't play at any of the senior bowls. By the time I got the answer, all the senior bowls were played. I know that if I was made eligible for those bowls, I would get an invite."

If you don't believe Scott was destined to be drafted by the NFL, consider the following: On the day Where Levi Jones and the rest of the ASU Offensive Linemen had individual workouts for NFL scouts, Scott received a phone call from coach Grimes asking him if "I could get down here in half an hour." The trip was worth the while to say the least. Scott obviously impressed the Rams, who after the workout wanted to "get their hands on as much film of me as they could." Ironically, Scott felt that he got more interest from the Kansas City Chiefs and The Minnesota Vikings. "Those teams called me a lot in the last couple of months."

As Sun Devil fans may recall, Travis had to leave the Football team due to personal reasons in the 2000 season. Once Dirk Koetter became the ASU head coach, Scott was granted permission to be accepted back on the team. "That's why today makes it that more special." Says the offensive lineman "I didn't get along with the Snyder Staff, but I was very luck to play for such great coaches like Koetter and Grimes. I'm grateful they accepted me back to the program. A lot of fans talked trash about me leaving and coming back, and I even got into to it with some of the players. But once I proved myself in spring ball, I was more accepted." Scott won't be the only Sun Devil on the 1999 Super Bowl champs roster " I look forward to playing with Adam Archuletta. We didn't always get along at ASU, but I'm sure we both can put the past behind us."

The Hollywood like draft story continues for Scott, with a visit to St. Louis on Thursday so he can be introduced with the other Rams' draftees. This will be followed by a team mini-camp in May. And if you're expecting this draft pick to hold out, think again. "I told my agent that I just wanted a fair contract, but I'm also just happy to be in the NFL. I just want to get signed fast and prove to the Rams that they made the right choice." One can say that now it's time for the shock of Scott being drafted in the fourth round, turn into reality and translate into a successful career in the National Football League.

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