Brinkley Brothers Reporting to Duty?

Twin siblings Jasper and Casper Brinkley are the epitome of a package deal. Both linebackers are graduating at different times, but are determined to make a pledge to same school. The Georgia Military College standouts kicked-off their official trip circuit in Tempe, and talked to Devils Digest about their visit to the Sun Devils.

"It's beautiful out there," said Jasper Brinkley the slightly bigger player out the two at 6-31/2 260 (Casper Brinkley stands at the same height and at 250 lbs.). " We went to the game, did a lot of sightseeing. Thy told everything about the school and the football team. It was a good visit."

The brothers were hosted by an Arizona State player not far from their neck of the woods, University of Florida transfer defensive end Tranell Morant. "It was real good to have someone like Tree show us around," Brinkley stated. "We can really relate to him. Before we came out we thought it was all just desert out here, and we were real surprised to see how pretty it is. It was real different than Georgia but I liked it."

The Brinkley's are coached by Bert Williams. The Bulldogs are currently 6-2 on the year, and have continually been of the defensive statistical leaders in the NJCAA thanks to their unconventional 3-5-3 defensive package. "In our scheme the linebackers sometimes play on the defensive line," Williams stated. "Jasper is being recruited as a defensive end, but he also plays linebacker. Casper is being recruited as a linebacker. Jasper's been here a little longer but both have been starting for me for two years. (ASU Defensive Coordinator) Coach Bill Miller has been recruiting them since the spring."

Williams added that Jasper is a first team 2005 pre-season NJCAA All-American at linebacker. Not counting last week's game Jasper has collected 32.5 tackles, including 4.5 sacks, while Casper tallied 26 stops and two quarterback drops. Both brothers hail from Thomson high school in Georgia which are also nicknamed the Bulldogs. According to a local Georgia publication., South Carolina, Louisville, Clemson, Kansas State and the University of Georgia are other programs pursuing the Brinkley brothers.

Jasper is scheduled to graduate in December, while Casper is slated to finish his studies in May. Nevertheless, Jasper reiterated that their faith when it comes to a school of choice will definitely be the same. "I doubt that Casper is gonna take more visits after December," he said. "We both are gonna visit the same schools and sign with the same school. Arizona State was our first visit. We don't have any other visits scheduled right now, and they're definitely our top school."

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